7 Charming Places To Stay At Sundarbans, The Abode Of Bengal Tigers

by Shreya Ghosh
7 Charming Places To Stay At Sundarbans, The Abode Of Bengal Tigers

Sundarbans is a beautiful destination about 110 km away from Kolkata. It is home to tons of stunning experiences to enjoy and appreciate nature in its greenest form. Surrounded by verdant greenery, this place is equally abundant in flora and fauna. From witnessing the world’s largest Mangrove forest to spotting Royal Bengal Tigers in the wild, a holiday here is always an exciting idea. For your next trip here, this is a list of the 7 most stunning stays.

7 Amazing Places To Stay At Sundarbans

1. Hotel Sonar Bangla Sundarbans

Picture credit- https://www.hotelsonarbangla.com/sundarban.php

Hotel Sonar Bangla Sundarbans is one of the most luxurious properties here with great hospitality and world-class amenities. The best part of this stay is how it focuses on eco-friendly steps to run it. Standing on a massive area of 9 acres, this property houses 75 cottages and rooms with the Gomti River as the backdrop. Hotel Sonar Bangla Sundarbans also houses cafe, restaurant, gym, library, spa facilities, swimming pool, and a lot more. 

Price: ₹10,619

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2. Sunderban Tiger Camp

Nestled in Dayapur island, the Sunderban Tiger Camp is a stunning stay proving unique experiences. Housing 21 rooms, every room is beautifully designed with decor reflecting local cultures and traditions. To enjoy delectable food, the property also has a restaurant named “The Fisherman’s Wharf”.

Price: ₹10,410

3. Jhumjhumi Home Stay

Picture credit- https://sundarbanjhumjhumihomestay.com/

Nestled in Jharkhali village, Jhumjhumi Home Stay is a cosy property to book to spend a holiday in solace. The stay provides you with all the amenities for a comfortable stay. The greenery surrounding the place is a perfect retreat!

Price: ₹1,512

4. Sundarban Solitary Nook

Picture credit- https://www.solitarynook.com/

If you are in the mind to experience the best of village life, Sundarban Solitary Nook is an amazing stay to book. Featuring 7 cottages with basic amenities, staying here is an experience to remember. For the honeymooners, the property houses a special honeymoon cottage too.

Price: ₹2,044

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5. Tora Eco Resort & Life Experience Centre

Picture credit- http://www.toraresort.in/tours.html

To enjoy the forest at its best, Tora Eco Resort & Life Experience Centre is a beautiful eco resort to check out. The rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished with all the basic amenities for a great stay. You surely need to explore this property for all the eco-resort experiences.

Price: ₹6,090

6. Sundarban Mangrove Retreat

Picture credit- http://sunderbanmangrove.com/resort.php

Nestled in the Jamespore village, Sundarban Mangrove Retreat is an ideal property to book for a relaxing holiday. This eco-friendly resort is a step closer to tranquility. Sundarban Mangrove Retreat houses 4 AC executive rooms, 8 AC  double-bedded cottages, and 10 non-AC double-beded huts.

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7. Sundarban Jungle Mahal Resort

Picture credit- https://sundarbanchalo.com/sundarban-jungle-mahal-resort/

With pretty mud cottages housing necessary amenities, Sundarban Jungle Mahal Resort is a great property to check out during your trip here. To spend some days rejuventaing and relaxing, you can choose to stay here.

Price: ₹2,939

These are our recommendations for an amazing stay in this forest. Which one are you choosing during your holidays here? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: https://www.solitarynook.com/, https://www.hotelsonarbangla.com/sundarban.php