7 Stunning Real Life Locations From “The Lord Of The Rings” That You Must Visit

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
7 Stunning Real Life Locations From “The Lord Of The Rings” That You Must Visit

“The Lord Of The Rings” series fans assemble here! This fantasy drama has surely made its way into everyone’s heart and mind. The series was so impactful that it has one of the biggest fan followings. Well, what added to the powerful story of the series, apart from the amazing acting of the cast, is the setting. The locations where this series was shot are surely somewhere we all have wished to visit. Well, you can now!

1. Paradise, Otago

Credits: FLickr

The Paradise region boasts some of New Zealand’s most picturesque scenery, deserving of its fitting name. This verdant valley has a stunning vista that is ideal for The Lord of the Rings movies, with towering mountain peaks scattered throughout. The valley and mountains served as the scene when Gandalf rode into Isengard in The Fellowship of the Ring. 

2. Port Waikato, North Island

Credits: FLickr

Aragorn leaves a group of hobbits abandoned atop a desolate peak in The Fellowship of the Ring. One of the most iconic locations in the entire movie series, Weathertop was the site of long-forgotten ruins and provided a safe haven from the dark riders.

3. The Putangirua Pinnacles, Wellington, New Zealand

Credits: Wikimedia commons

Although the Putangirua Pinnacles aren’t featured in many of the movies, they are some of the most spectacular scenes in the series. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas, the characters facing the difficult last battle of Pelennor Fields, journey to the land of the dead in the White Mountains. The Putangirua Pinnacles served as the entrance to their empire and as the Path of the Dead.

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4. Mount Ngauruhoe, North Island

Credits: Flickr

Ever desired a trip to Mount Doom? Although it may not be the most hospitable sight in Middle Earth, it’s unquestionably one of the most unforgettable. Since Mount Doom and Mordor have an ever-erupting volcano at their core, they required a great deal more computer-generated imagery than other landscape shots. 

5. Mount Sunday, Canterbury, NZ

Credits: FLickr

Although Twizel’s wide plains mimic the scenery of the Rohan Kingdom, Mount Sunday in the area is the best place to depict the imagined spirit of the Rohirrim horse people. The rocky top of Mount Sunday served as the residence of Edoras, the capital of the kingdom of Rohan, where a whole city was constructed.

6. The Hauraki Gulf

Credits: Flickr

The islands and five marine reserves that make up the Hauraki Gulf, also known as Tikapa Moana, are ideal for leisure pursuits like hiking, photography, and relaxation. The Rings of Power, a scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was filmed at Anawhata Beach, one of the area’s craggy beaches. 

7. Kawarau Gorge, Queenstown

Credits: Flickr

Even if you are not a fan of The Lord of the Rings, you really must see the Kawarau Gorge’s crystal-clear turquoise waters. The massive statues at the entryway near Amon Hen, the Anduin River, and the Pillars of the Kings were all positioned against the backdrop of the Kawarau Gorge in the movies. (As per The Travel)

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Which place are you heading to?

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr

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