This Unique Mud House Cafe Serves Authentic Nepali Cuisine & Is Delhi’s Best Kept Secret

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Unique Mud House Cafe Serves Authentic Nepali Cuisine & Is Delhi’s Best Kept Secret

Have you ever visited a quaint restaurant randomly and been blown away by its ambience and extremely delicious food? This is the magic that many small, not-so-known places hold in them and are therefore the best kept secret. One such unique mud house cafe is hidden in the narrow lanes of Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila. It serves the most authentic Nepali cuisine and is a must-visit, for sure. 

Delhi’s Unique Mud House Cafe Serves Authentic Nepali Cuisine


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The Yamuna River is spooned by the Tibetan resettlement colony Majnu ka Tilla in North Delhi on its left bank. Some Delhiites call it Little Tibet with affection and admiration. 

Hidden along a narrow road is “Thak Thakali”. In the main lane, only a modest, illuminated signboard affixed to a black pole invites visitors to try their delicious cuisine. Walls of fake mud look so beautiful that you cannot help but walk in to explore. 

The majority of those inside you will find will be patrons from the northeast, tourists, and local Tibetans. Safe from the prying eyes of boisterous tourists, the place actually feels like a secret. 

You can see the waiters wearing ink-blue waistcoats and black Nehru caps completely at your service. They do not hesitate to give you suggestions as they note down orders with a smile. To add more Nepali vibes, there are Nepali songs played on repeat. 

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Teleports You To Nepal


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The ambience of this beautiful restaurant is simply warm and positive. The lights are neither too bright nor too mild; they are simply perfect. The huge windows on one side bring in warming sunshine with the bird’s chirpy sound. 

Talking about the food, they serve authentic Nepali cuisine, which will, with the very first bite, teleport you to Nepal. They serve the best delicacies on brass plates and platters. The best dish to try here is Nepali Thakali Thali, and the waiters too recommend it. 


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A Thakali Thali is actually a staple in traditional Nepali cuisine. It is a combination of lentils and rice, with some veggies and meat on the side. It also includes buckwheat finger chips and looks, smells, and tastes simply yum!

Also, their chicken curry and momos are to die for, so if you ever visit, do not miss them! The price range at this unique place is also very decent and affordable. So you won’t be burning holes in your pockets if you treat yourself here. 

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More About Thakali Cuisine


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The many cuisines of Nepal and its surrounding areas, Sikkim and Gorkhaland, are influenced by factors such as climate, alluvial soil, and ethnicity. Together, these factors contribute to the rich cultural diversity of Nepali food. 

The Thakali community residing in the Thak-Khola Valley, a historic and relatively easy trading route in the high Himalaya, consumes Thakali food, which is a transitional between Himalayan and lowland cuisines.  

The food of Thakali is not as vegetarian as that of Pahari. Lower castes ate yak and yak-cow hybrids, known locally as Jhopa. Every caste consumes the flesh of indigenous sheep known as Bheda and imported Chyangra or Chiru from Tibet. Thinly sliced meat is dried on thin poles close to the cooking fire. Additionally, blood sausage is made and dried. 

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Where: 1st Floor, House no 40 Majnu Ka Tilla, New Aruna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

When: 9:30am to 10pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cover Image Courtesy: @thakthakali/Instagram

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