7 Superfoods To Bid Goodbye To Period Cramps

by Sanmita A
7 Superfoods To Bid Goodbye To Period Cramps

A few of us experience extreme period pain. Apart from gulping down painkillers, there are other things that can soothe your pain too. Binging on processed food or eating a bag of chips is not going to be of any help. Hence, switching to some superfoods is going to comfort you a lot during your period. Read on to know about the superfoods which will help you have a painless period.

1. Dark Chocolate

Period CrampsDark Chocolate is one of the bests to relieve your period cramps. They are extremely soothing and have a calming effect. Be it the PMS or during the period, dark chocolate can your best friend. Make sure you pick dark chocolate, that has more cocoa content than the average ones.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger is super soothing for the tummy, especially when period cramps hit. Sometimes, a warm cup of ginger tea is all you need to be well-rested. For this, take an inch of ginger and boil it with your tea water for two to three minutes. Strain the remains and drink the tea. It will definitely help you have a pain-free period.

3. Fruits

period crampsCitrus fruits are best when you are hit with period cramps. Try to gorge on fruits right before the time you get your period. Eat oranges, bananas, pineapple and lemon too, it will basically make you feel relaxed and better during your period.

4. Curd or Yogurt

Period CrampsIf you’re struggling to feel great during the period, a bowl of curd or yoghurt is going to make you feel so great. If you continue to add yoghurt to your diet, it will also better your diet. And, fewer cramps during the period are always the best that can happen to a girl.

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5. Oats

Oats are a great source of fibre. It is delicious and nutritious. It is going to help you with the period cramps as well as give you the right kick to feel good. Oats, apart from helping during period cramps, also aid in improving mental health and reducing stress.

6. Veggies, Green, Leafy & Colourful

period crampsVegetables of all kinds, especially green and colourful ones are best to have on the platter. They can be super nutritious and can help you feel better during the period.

7. Nuts To Avoid Period Cramps

NutsNuts are the best whether you are on your period or not. They are super healthy and can aid in soothing your period cramps to a large extent. You have to consume them in the right amount, regularly to boost your health, both physical and mental.

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