79 Per Cent Of Indians Plan To Celebrate New Year 2023 At Home Amidst New COVID Wave Concerns: Study

indians new year
by Sanjana Shenoy 115

The coronavirus pandemic over the past 2 years has completely changed the way we party on New Year’s eve. House parties have largely replaced swanky pub parties. Home delivery has replaced dining out. Chilling with friends and family has replaced socialising. In the advent of a rise in COVID-19 cases, a recent survey revealed that 79 per cent of Indians plan to celebrate New Year 2023 at home. Here’s more about it.

79 Per Cent Indians To Celebrate New Year At Home

Social engagement platform, Local Circles has given us a glimpse into what New Year celebrations for Indians look like. It largely involves intimate house parties with close friends and family. In the survey 8 out of 10 or 79 per cent of Indians stated that they will most likely stay at home, celebrate with immediate family members or avoid any celebrations at all.

indians new year

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And that doesn’t look like a bad plan at all! After all, you can order food from your favourite restaurants and cloud kitchens, light scented candles, watch a good movie, play music, bond over board games and even dance the night away with trippy lights. Most importantly, you will be safe from infections by avoiding crowded gatherings.

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Only 5 Per Cent Plan To Attend Big Parties Despite COVID Scare

Now, 12 per cent of surveyors said they would be celebrating New Year’s at a friend’s place. And 5 per cent stated that they would prefer avoiding all kinds of socialising due to the increasing COVID cases. But there are the daredevils. And they are 4 per cent of Indians who are ready to attend big parties and large community gatherings to ring in the New Year in style. Well, these party animals can’t miss out on a party, especially if it’s for the New Year.

indians new year

Picture Credits: Canva

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But many state governments have advised them to exercise caution. The Karnataka government has advised partygoers to restrict their gatherings to outdoors. Restaurants are urged to only welcome guests up to their seating capacity. While this can just be one party, it can end up being a complete COVID scare and lead to a massive spike in infections.

So, how are you planning to ring in the New Year 2023? Are you planning an intimate evening with your loved ones at home, a house party, a community gathering or a cute solo date? We’d love to know the deets!