Ahead Of New Year Celebration, Bengaluru Traffic Police Issues Advisory

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ahead Of New Year Celebration, Bengaluru Traffic Police Issues Advisory

The New Year will ring in less than two days. I am sure most of you have your New Year’s Eve plans sorted, and if not, staying home and watching Netflix is not such a bad idea for sure. Bengaluru traffic police were busy planning guidelines to ensure that the process is smooth while celebrating the new year as we think about planning celebrations. After all, you know how bad Bengaluru’s traffic is.

Bengaluru Traffic Police On New Year 

The police authority said that in order to regulate the smooth running of traffic during the huge celebration, it is important to come up with some guidelines. On New Year’s Eve, people traditionally hit popular roads like Brigade Road, Church Street, MG Road, St. Marks Road, Rest House Road, and Residency. There will be no vehicles allowed here from 8 pm on December 31 to 1am on January 1 except for police vehicles.

Parking on these roads will be restricted from 2pm on 31st December to 3am on 1st January. The only exceptions that will be allowed are police vehicles and vehicles providing essential services. If the vehicles are already parked, they must be removed before 4 pm on December 31st. The owner will be fined if he or she fails to do so.

Bengaluru Traffic
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Make Sure To Contact Helpline No. 112

To prevent situations like accidents, wrecks, etc., the movement of cars on the flyovers will be prohibited from 9 pm on December 31 until 6 am on January 1. Only pedestrians on Brigade Road are permitted to walk from the MG Road junction to the Opera Junction. It is not permitted to walk in the opposite direction. 

Bengaluru police urged citizens to make sure that if they are travelling in a group, at least one of them does not consume alcohol. This is solely to make sure that the driver is sane and helps others reach their respective houses safely. They have asked that citizens contact their helpline number, 112, immediately if they encounter a similar situation. 

The police hope that the citizens will follow all the guidelines and cooperate in the smooth celebration of the New Year.

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Make sure you read the guidelines and then proceed.

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