8 Middle Eastern Women Food & Travel Influencers You Need To Follow RN!

by Deeplata Garde

UAE is always promoting its culture and heritage. But when it comes to acceptance of certain changes that are necessary for the advancement of the country, their hands a quite open to embrace. And Women’s Empowerment in UAE has been an initiative that has been always welcoming. Therefore you can witness many successful females from the Middle East flourishing in multiple fields of their life today. So let’s get inspired by a few that are creating travel or food content for the audiences.

8 Middle Eastern Women Food & Travel Influencers You Need To Follow RN

1. Chef Asmaa Albahar

Going 454k strong on Instagram, Chef Asmaa has achieved a plethora of titles that shout about her achievements in the food industry. Chef consultant, menu designer, food artist, host of cooking shows, and co-founder of “GO HOME!” are all skills that Asmaa Albahar possesses. She is one of the top Instagram food influencers from the Emirati nation. We also know her as a renowned figure in the Arab culinary world. For the benefit of her devoted followers, Chef Asma regularly publishes food-related topics. This chef on television is from Kuwait in the United Arab Emirates. Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Burkina Faso all have a sizable fanbase for her. Asmaa also has a YouTube channel, and it is expanding rapidly. She makes use of online platforms to distribute cooking instructions and recipes to gastronomes over the Arabian Peninsula and the globe.

2. Wejdan Mohammad, Food Blogger

A Saudi-raised young girl has been taking the internet by storm. With growing subscribers of 2M, Wejdan is a food influencer and also calls herself a ‘Recipe Developer’. Given her age, she has conquered creating certain difficult Arab dishes for her guests on social media that dedicatedly follow her for more such content.

3. Latifa Al Shamsi


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Not a chef but her posts will definitely make you drool! She is a well-known United Arab Emirates-born cuisine, fashion, and travel blogger and stylist. She specialised in Arabian and Middle Eastern fashion. At the Dubai shopping festival, Latifa was promoted to senior manager due to her specialisation in the field. After joining YouTube on October 8, 2013, this prominent UAE Instagram food influencer has routinely posted videos for her audience on food and fashion. Overall s he has a growing youtube family that has got her than 172,298,281 views from all the videos.

4. Leyla Fathallah

Due to her love of cooking, Leyla Fathallah started a modest catering business out of her house. She later entered and won the “star chef” competition! She then assumed the role as the new face of the Fatafeat channel, and she currently has 1.4 million Instagram followers. The female celebrity chef from Beirut, Lebanon was a part of the recent Gulf Food Festival this year.

5. Raha Moharrak


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The first woman from Saudi Arabia to ascend Mount Everest is Raha Moharrak. On her online profiles, she only provides us with enthusiasm and strength. She continues to open doors for other Saudi women to follow in her footsteps and achieve goals they formerly dismissed as unattainable. She has already scaled mountains including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson, Mount Elbrus, Aconcagua, Kala Pattar, Pico de Orizaba, and Iztaccihuatl.

6. Haifa Beseisso, Food Blogger

A YouTuber and vlogger, Haifa Beseisso have a deep-rooted interest to connect with different cultures and find what makes people happy on her journey. Meeting new people and asking them about their dreams lifts her up and motivates her to continue her journey. What distinguishes her travels from others is her increased focus on divulging the unity of humanity, prevalent hopes, and the idea that what unites people outweighs their differences.

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7. Nada Al Nahdi

Now residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Nada al-Nahdi is a 30-year-old Indonesian-Yemeni travel writer. She wants to travel to all 195 countries and has 24.3k followers on Instagram. Having completed more than 40 projects to date, including ones in Cambodia and Armenia to gain an understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. Her ultimate goal is to travel to every country and see for herself what is really going on there, ignoring all media speculation.

8. Fatima AlMattar

Although the adventurer has 263K Instagram followers, she may prefer to travel alone. This Kuwaiti Travel influencer loves engaging her audiences with her wanderlust experiences. This Travel writer from Kuwait wants to take you on a visual tour of the world, starting in India’s Kerela and ending in the Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius. Not just a travel enthusiast, Fatima also has the brand ambassador title of Sony Middle East & Africa. She runs her own company under the label helloexplorer.travel and has won the travel influencer 2022 award.

Let’s Celebrate their successful ventures in their respective fields by hustling their way through.

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