8 Outdoor Activities In Muscat To Liven Up Your Day With Some Adventure And Adrenaline

by Safiya Khanam
8 Outdoor Activities In Muscat To Liven Up Your Day With Some Adventure And Adrenaline

Are you ready, set and good to go for some adventure? Muscat is home to outdoor sports lovers and its seas, mountains and valleys have so much to offer, you might get confused about where to begin and what to do. Leave the details and information to us because we bring you a list of the 8 best outdoor adventure activities in and around Muscat. 

Whether you are a thrill seeker looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience or a nature lover looking to explore the city’s stunning landscapes, we have got you covered. 

8 Outdoor Activities To Do In And Around Muscat 

1. Sunset And Moonlight Kayaking

kayaking in muscat
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Muscat’s coast is dotted with small islands and coves that are perfect for exploring by kayak. But have you ever thought of kayaking when the sun sets or when the moonlight glistens on the calm waters? That view is stunning and is bound to leave you speechless. 

Contact Details: Wiki Tours Adventures @wikitours_om

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2. Parasailing

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Oman’s beaches offer more than just good views and a good time. Parasailing is gaining popularity among youngsters here and you ought to try it once. A parachute-shaped kite is attached to a moving boat and you sail away in the air. It is indeed one of the best outdoor activities in Muscat so make sure to bring a partner along! 

Contact Details: Parasailing Oman @parasailing.om

3. Standup Paddleboarding

SUP muscat
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Love surfing but don’t know how and where to begin? This Hawaii-born water sport is definitely where you can start. Standup paddleboarding or SUP involves standing on the board and propelling the waters using a paddle. It is intense, fun and a must-try with your friends. 

Contact Details: Wave Summit @wave_summit

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4. Scuba Diving And Snorkeling 

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Your search for the best outdoor activity to do in Muscat should stop here. The snorkelling and scuba diving locations here are breathtaking. The stunning corals and colourful reefs are worth all the planning and effort you take before going in the waters. 

Contact Details: www.molamoladivingcenter.com

5. Mountain Biking

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Muscat’s rugged mountain ranges offer excellent mountain biking opportunities, with several trails to choose from. The country is blessed with fantastic biking trails making it a top spot for outdoor activities.  Quick! Rent a bike and explore the beautiful landscape at your own pace. And if you are a beginner and looking for a nearby trail within the city, bike away to Bousher Mountain Everest for an easy start. 

Contact Details: www.trailforks.com

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6. Abseiling and Via Ferrata

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Be it, locals or expats, everybody loves abseiling and via Ferrata here. The rocky wadis here are the best-suited and well-equipped for Via Ferrata and abseiling enthusiasts. A lot of local adventure tour companies offer trips throughout the year. Select the destination and difficulty level as per your choice and enjoy the adrenaline rush. 

Contact Details: Husaak Adventures @husaak

7. Sandboarding

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The desert landscape of muscat mandates a once in a lifetime sandboarding experience! There are a number of companies that offer guided sandboarding tours in and around Muscat. Glide through the dunes on your board and enjoy this unique experience. 

Contact Details: www.nawafir-tours.com

8. Crazy Sofa and Sofa Boat Ride 

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Ah, this guarantees fun just by the looks of it. The crazy sofa boat spins 360 and zooms in the water simultaneously and it’s a crazy experience. The sofa boat rise lets you relax and whips you right up in the air. Be prepared to hold tight and scream your lungs out as you whizz around; up in the air or down on the water.

Contact Details: Q Tours @qtours.om and Daymaniat Coast @daymaniat_coast

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There are so many more outdoor activities to do in muscat and the list could go on and on. Wonder out in the mountains and beaches of Muscat and find yourself in the adventure sport that gives you the maximum joy and memories.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay/eyw2008 and Pexels/Pia