8-Year-Old Girl Alleges That A Food Delivery Agent Kidnapped Her. The Reality Will Shock You

by Shreya Ghosh
8-Year-Old Girl Alleges That A Food Delivery Agent Kidnapped Her. The Reality Will Shock You

Food delivery agents often stand on the receiving end of foul words and comments. If they become a bit late in delivering the order or if there are some issues with the food, many customers often blame these agents. Unfortunately, many even treat them very badly. In a recent incident in Bengaluru, a delivery agent was thrashed by some people in a neighbourhood and sadly he did nothing to be beaten up.

Complaint Of A 8-Year-Old Girl Turned Out To A Nightmare For A Food Delivery Agent

Twitter user Candid_Shweta (@CandidShweta) shared a disturbing incident on the micro-blogging site recently that has taken the Netizens in shock. This is a story of a delivery man who got beaten up for something that he knew nothing about.

Shweta shared a tweet thread about a kid who was being kidnapped by a delivery agent in a neighbourhood society of Bengaluru. After a lot of discussions, the shocking truth came in front of everyone.

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The parents of an 8-year-old girl went outside to drop her sibling to school. They suffered a major shock after reaching their home as they could not find their daughter.

After searching everywhere, they found the kid on the terrace. She told her parents that the delivery agent took her to the terrace forcefully by pulling her hand. To rescue herself, she bit the guy and after that, the guy ran away. After hearing all such things, the scared parents lined up every delivery agent in the society and asked the 8-year-old to identify the alleged guy.

The guy was beaten and thrashed badly. People thought that he might have attempted to kidnap the 8-year-old. But the entire situation took a turn after police began investigating the case. The delivery guy had a mark on his hand. A medical checkup was conducted and the result showed that it was not a bite mark.

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The 8-Year-Old Simply LIED!

To investigate the case further, the police checked the CCTV footage. The captured videos completely shocked everyone as people could see that the girl went to the terrace alone. No one forced or pulled her to get out of her house. Also, she was playing on the terrace alone.

When she realised that her parents were worried about not seeing her inside the house, she brutally lied to everyone. She just made an instant story blaming a delivery agent for kidnapping her.

Everyone believed all her made-up lies and beat the innocent guy. The girl saw the innocent guy getting beaten up for no reason but still, she did not reveal the truth. If there were no CCTV footage, the delivery guy might have faced more false allegations and consequences.

Netizens are in utter shock after reading all these tweets. It feels really scary and unexpected to see a kid doing something like this.

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