800 Passengers On Majestic Princess Cruise Ship Test COVID-19 Positive. Deboarded At Sydney!

by Sanmita A
800 Passengers On Majestic Princess Cruise Ship Test COVID-19 Positive. Deboarded At Sydney!

In an unfortunate incident, around 800 passengers were infected by COVID-19 while travelling on a cruise. The passengers onboard the Majestic Princess cruise disembarked in Sydney. Hundreds of passengers have been affected due to the COVID-19 outbreak on the cruise. Apart from the passengers, a portion of the crew, too, have been infected. In total, there were 4,400 passengers on the cruise. Read on to know what happened next.

Majestic Princess Cruise Passengers Infected By COVID-19; Patients Told To Avoid Public Transport In Sydney

After deboarding in Sydney, the passengers were asked not to use public transport to commute. The cruise informed the positive passengers were kept separately. And, even while disembarking, the RAT tests were done. The passengers who tested negative disembarked from the cruise separately. The cruise was a 12-night stay in New Zealand. The isolation and quarantine rules have been scrapped in most countries.

We recommend that people continue to sanitise and follow social distancing while travelling in significant numbers.

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What Are The Rules In China?

While the world has opened, China is particularly strict in maintaining the COVID-19 rules. As for Indians, the country has eased a few restrictions and made it much more lenient to travel. According to the Chinese Embassy in Delhi, Beijing has decreased the number of quarantine days from 10 to eight days on Sunday. The passengers to China will have to undergo a mandatory RT-PCR test before they board a flight to China. Travellers will also have to issue a Green Health Code, which the airline company will check. For the unversed, this Green Health Code can be obtained from the embassy or the consulate.

Well, China citizens have undergone the policy of the zero-covid-19 case for a long time now. And it is only recently that the government has decided to tweak a few rules. And needless to say, passengers to China must show their vaccination status or certificates before they head to visit the country.

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