A 12 Yr Old Noida Girl Used All Her Savings To Buy Flight Tickets For Migrant Workers

by Natasha Monteiro
A 12 Yr Old Noida Girl Used All Her Savings To Buy Flight Tickets For Migrant Workers

In yet another heart-warming tale of hope and kindness in these treacherous times, a 12 year old girl named Niharika Dwivedi from Noida has emerged as a COVID hero and sponsored the flight tickets of 3 migrant labourers, including a cancer patient.

Niharika Dwivedi Gives Away Savings Of 48,000

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there are a bunch of #CoronaHeroes that have come to the forefront – from doctors working tirelessly to frontline workers. Kindness has no age bar, what with a 80-Yr Old Coolie At Lucknow Railway Station Helping Migrants EVERYDAY For Free and now a 12 year old girl using all her savings and pocket money of 48,000 to ensure that three migrants from Jharkhand reach their hometown safely. in fact, one of the labourers is also a cancer patient.

In an interview to ANI, Nikharika said, “Watching news channels and struggle of these people have inspired me to help migrant labourers in reaching home. They have contributed so much in society and it is our responsibility to help them in this crisis. I had collected 48,530 from my pocket money and I used it to help these three people out of which one is a cancer patient,”

Her tale of kindness was even appreciated by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren who took to Twitter to applaud her. In his tweet he said that even at such a young age, Niharika has shown remarkable sensitivity and my good wishes for a bright future.”

Talking about her daughter, Niharika’s mom Surbhi Dwivedi said, “We had been noticing that she used to get sad whenever she watched the news about labourers. One day she saw an airplane and asked us if we can send needy people by flight? She gave us her piggy bank and said I want to help labourers and we were proud and happy to hear that from our 12-year-old daughter.”

This is indeed great upbringing. In a time when people are worried about themseleves and hide behind social media to either criticise or applaud what’s happening around them, this 12 year old actually ensured that she helped humanity. We respect and salute you and your parents for helping you be the person you are and for showing such remarkableness and kindness at such a young age.