A Chinese Restaurant Fines A Woman Over ₹5 Lakhs For Packing Her Leftovers In A Buffet

by Shreya Ghosh

Have you ever been to a buffet restaurant? The goal of every foodie at such places is to eat loads of delicious food items as much as possible. No matter if a customer has a small or a humongous appetite, everyone is welcome at buffets where they can eat their hearts out. If we are unable to finish our food while eating à la carte, we often pack those foods to bring back home but this is a big no-no at buffets. A woman customer did something like this at a Chinese restaurant and ended up getting fined!

This Chinese Buffet Sued A Customer For Secretly Stuffing Food Items In A Buffet


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The woman who was caught stealing food from a restaurant in the Guizhou province of southwest China has been fined a massive amount for compensation. According to a report by South China Morning Post, this Chinese restaurant sued the woman for 45,000 yuan (approx. ₹5.28 lakhs) as they caught her stealing leftovers in a buffet. The manager of the restaurant, Wu caught her stuffing her bags secretly with leftovers in the CCTV footage.

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Customers can order as much as they want to in a buffet and this woman took advantage of this. She always placed an order for lots of food and she could not eat everything. As recorded on the CCTV, it has been seen that she sneaked all these food items in some plastic bags under the table and packed everything inside her handbag before leaving the restaurant.

The Customer Sneaked Food A Lot Of Times


Picture credit- Canva

This is not something that she attempted for the first time. According to a report by News 18, the manager stated that the customer visited the restaurant a total of 5 times during August 2022. She was here 5 times in just 2 weeks. She used this trick most times to stuff the plastic bags with excess food.

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The customer mostly ordered expensive food items which are way more costly than the buffet price of 218 yuan (₹2,561). The restaurant has signs mentioning that customers will need to pay extra according to the menu if someone wastes food of more than 100 grams or wants to pack the leftovers.

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