A Couple Fell In Love By Holding Hands During Turbulence On Flight

Every time I board a flight, I pray to my lucky stars that Leonardo Di Caprio sits next to me so that he can finally realize it’s me he’s looking for and then we go on a world-famous adventure to save the whales and our Earth from dying. What? A girl can dream. As for this unusual couple, they got on the plane single AF and got off the plane head over heels for each other. How? Blame it on the turbulence. And all I get is belching uncles next to me. Sigh.

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How It All Enfolded?

Just boarding a flight like any other, a man named Xu Zhewei from Taiwan chanced upon a Chinese woman named Liu Yudan onboard the same plane. She asked him for assistance in loading her luggage into the overhead space. And that’s all it took to get that spark everyone in love is talking about! They discovered much to their joy that they were both traveling to Taipei and plans to travel together were promptly made in all excitement and zeal.

The chemistry was such that although they were seated in the same row, she soon sat right beside him as they talked and talked.


As is common in most flights, turbulence is the slight disturbance you face when flying due to some bad weather conditions or change in altitudes. Similarly, this soon to be couple also faced turbulence and to get over it they both decided to just close their eyes and try to sleep it off. And before they could even realise it, they were holding hands.

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Zu felt an inexplicable need to protect this woman he had just met! “It’s okay, it’s very safe, nothing is going to happen,” he said in a statement to World Of Buzz.

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As they say, the rest is history! After a safe landing, this couple has been inseparable, travelling together. “The two of us have clearly known each other for only a day, but it’s like we’ve known each other for years,” Xu told Next Shark. Keep your eyes peeled on your next flight, who knows, you might find your soul mate too.

Credits: World of Buzz

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