A New Snow Train Connects Rome To Dolomites & Offers Stunning Views

by Sanjana Shenoy
A New Snow Train Connects Rome To Dolomites & Offers Stunning Views

Have you ever heard of snow trains? These are trains that traverse snowy mountains and promise winter wonderland views while taking skiers, hikers and tourists to and from a ski resort. For long tourists have travelled from Rome to the Dolomites —a mountain range in Italy known for hosting winter sports— by their own vehicles. Now, in order to promote ecological tourism, Italy has launched a snow train on the same route. Here’s all about this much-awaited snow train.

Italy Has A New Snow Train

Italy has launched, Treno delle Neve, more popularly known as Snow Train. This train connects Termini station in central Rome to San Candido nestled near Austria’s border. The train shall take off at night and reach the Dolomites in Trentino-Alto Adige region in 10 hours. This move by Italy discouraged skiers and hikers from using their own cars to reach the winter destination. Instead, it encourages them to hop on this snow train, bask in beautiful views and reach their destination by generating less carbon footprint.

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italy snow train
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The Snow Train started its functions on February 17 and will be active till April 8. Before it reaches its final destination at the Dolomites, the train shall make pit stops at Bolzano, Bressanone, Fortezza, Brunico and Dobbiaco. Daniel Alfreider, the mobility councillor of Bolzano says that this train shall ensure skiers and hikers can travel without their cars. He further added that they can now commute in an ecological way. Daniel Alfreider, further stresses that this is Italy’s way to ensure the tourism sector focuses on accessibility and sustainability through bus and rail travel.

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Other Trains To Winter Destinations You Must Check Out!

Apart from Treno delle Neve, there are other snow trains across the world that offer memorable experiences for travellers. The Glacier Express in Switzerland offers passengers breathtaking views of the Rhine Gorge, or the ‘Great Canyon or Switzerland’. Norway has Bergen Line, which is the highest railway in Northern Europe. There is also the Semmering Railway offering panoramic views of the Austrian Alps.

So, have you added this snow train to your bucket list?