A Sindhi Holy City, Jhulelal Tirthdham – By Sindhis, For Sindhis In Kutch, Gujarat

by Madhusree Chatragadda
A Sindhi Holy City, Jhulelal Tirthdham – By Sindhis, For Sindhis In Kutch, Gujarat

Sindhis are building a whole city in Gujarat’s Kutch, a holy place and shrine just for Sindhi people. It was reported that the Sindhis felt a grave disconnect with their heritage, culture, history and language and hence in a desperate attempt to regain all this for their future generation, the holy city and shrine was born. A place the Sindhis can all just their own and be able to inculcate in themselves and their young ones, the ideals of their religion.

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What Is It?
“We are on the brink of losing our identity. Our culture and language are fading fast. We don’t have a land nor a shrine that we can call our own,” said NRI Harish Fabiani to Conde Nast Traveller in an interview, a strong supporter of the holy city. And so, this project sees many supporters in a bid to claim the Sindhi identity and space.

The shrine will be named Jhulelal Tirthdham and is located smack in the middle of Koteshwar’s Shiva Temple and the river Narayan Sarovar in Kutch of Gujarat. It is spread over a whole 100 acres with a statue as big as 100 feet in the making. The entire budget is of 100 crores for this project.

What’s More?
Accommodations, cultural centres, museums etc will also be constructed to give the Sindhi people a place of their own to meet and be themselves in. So if you have any Sindhi friends or relatives call them up and give them the new soon. And if you are Sindhi, time to rejoice? Let us know if you are in support of the project and if the reasons listed are a true need of the hour.

According to Fabiani in his interview to Conde Nast Traveller, ” who will revive the culture? And if not now then, when?” Do you agree?

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Address: Jhulelal Tirthdham Plot, Narayan Sarovar, Gujarat, Narayan Sarovar, Gujarat 370601
Contact: 099300 02023