AlHosn Application: New Feature Lets Unvaccinated Citizens Get Green Pass

by Deeplata Garde
AlHosn Application: New Feature Lets Unvaccinated Citizens Get Green Pass

UAE’s capital- Abu Dhabi has now updated its Al Hosn App. The latest update informs that you don’t have to worry about your AlHosn App status turning green from red. No need for a negative PCR test to achieve the status. This directive only applies to fully vaccinated citizens of Abu Dhabi. AlHosn also app has a feature that lets unvaccinated residents get a green pass by completing a disclaimer form.

The Procedure To Reinstate The Green Status on Al Hosn App

Basically, the status turns red when you contract with COVID. Previously they mentioned that every individual would need two negative PCR tests to prove COVID free post-testing positive. Now the regulations have changed and you no longer need to test.

Now you have two ways to modify the status from red to green according to the Pass Protocol. Prime being quarantined for ten days and waiting for your code to turn green automatically on day eleven. Post that, this green code will last for 30 days. Following that, you will need to do a PCR test every 14 days for the next 60 days.

Pic Creds:National News

You can simply do two negative PCR tests and earn a green code for 30 days if you are entirely recovered within 10 days. The apt time to wait is 24 hours before taking the second test.

How To Achieve A Prolonged Green Status

You might test positive again after recovery and it’s very normal. Blame the sensitive PCR that detects remains of the virus in the nasal cavity. This has caused difficulty for citizens to turn their status green even being COVID free.

The Al Hosn app tracks and traces contact with Covid-19 cases. But its scope has since expanded to include help for the country’s statewide immunisation campaign.

Now individuals can simply present a coronavirus vaccine or a recent test using the app. To stay active, take a booster shot six months after the second shot. Maintain your Green status by taking a PCR test every 14 days.