Abu Dhabi Government Slashes Tourism Fee; Revised Structure In Effect From September 1st

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Government Slashes Tourism Fee; Revised Structure In Effect From September 1st

Abu Dhabi has revealed plans to reduce government fees for hotels and restaurants. The new regulation will be implemented starting September 1, 2023. The move aims to bolster the hospitality and tourism sector. It would further solidify Abu Dhabi’s status as a global leisure and tourism hub.

Abu Dhabi Announces Reduction Of Tourism Fees

The Department of Culture and Tourism—Abu Dhabi (DCT – Abu Dhabi) disclosed that fees for hotel guests, including tourism and municipality charges, will be trimmed. Notable adjustments involve a decrease in the tourism fee from 6% to 4% of the total bill value, while municipality fees will remain at 4%. Further modifications include the removal of the previous Dh15 Municipality fee per room/night, as well as the 6% tourism fee and 4% Municipality fee previously applied to hotel restaurants.

With a target of exceeding 24 million visitors this year, Abu Dhabi is striving to build upon its 2022 achievement of 18 million visitors, a remarkable 17% increase. The Department’s dedication to enhancing tourism, culture, and hospitality standards in the emirate remains unwavering.

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Reduced Fees, More Benefits

The fee reduction will enable both residents and tourists to savour the emirate’s diverse hospitality offerings. It encompasses a range of hotels, resorts, eateries, cafes, and attractions.

Hotel establishments have been directed to promptly report monthly revenues within the initial five business days of the following month. Their collaboration with revenue auditors appointed by the Department ensures the accuracy of declarations and fees for prior periods. This fee reduction initiative will enhance Abu Dhabi’s allure, heightening its appeal to both local and international visitors. The move will further stimulate investment, innovation, and job creation in the vibrant hospitality sector.

Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital, enthrals with a fusion of modernity and tradition. From the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the futuristic Etihad Towers, the city’s landmarks mesmerize. Yas Island’s theme parks and Corniche’s waterfront charm captivate. International events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix add excitement. With diverse cuisine, warm hospitality, and a commitment to sustainability, Abu Dhabi beckons as a captivating global destination. Abu Dhabi strives to solidify its position as a premier tourist destination, emphasizing culture, sports, and family experiences.

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