Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City Announces Region’s First Net-Zero Energy Mosque

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City Announces Region’s First Net-Zero Energy Mosque

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is home to Masdar City, a sustainable urban development. The city has recently announced the first net-zero energy mosque in the region. The mosque will begin construction in 2024, and the exact completion date will be disclosed in the months to come. Here is all you need to know about this new announcement!

Masdar City Announces Region’s First Net-Zero Energy Mosque

Masdar City aims to establish a new benchmark for houses of worship in the area by utilising a creative design that combines preservation of the environment with cultural heritage and community development. 

Using 1,590 m² of on-site photovoltaic panels, the 2,349-square-metre building, which can accommodate 1,300 worshippers, will generate at least 100% of the energy required for a year. 

The mosque will use passive design, an architectural strategy that adapts to climatic circumstances, to minimise its overall energy requirements by 35% when compared to international baselines.

The mosque’s primary structure will be mainly constructed of rammed earth, and the interior will be illuminated with cascading natural light patterns thanks to a number of tiered windows on the roof. As worshippers make their way from the outside to the hallowed interior, exterior colonnades will provide shade from the sun.

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A Gift To The Community

The executive director of sustainable development of Masdar City, Mr. Mohamed Al Breiki, stated that they have designed and created several net-zero energy projects, but this one has particular significance for them and him personally. 

It will be more than just a community centre, a house of worship, or a meeting place. It will transport guests on a cultural, spiritual, and environmental trip and serve as a powerful representation of their commitment to being responsible stewards of the earth. Mr. Al Breiki went on to explain that the upcoming mosque is their gift to the community.

Masdar City has multiple net-zero energy initiatives, of which the new mosque is just one. The nation’s first net-zero energy commercial building, NZ1, was unveiled in December. Two more net-zero energy commercial and residential buildings are being built: the Co-Lab building at The Link, which will house shared living and working spaces and be net-zero energy, it will be finished in 2025, and Masdar City Square’s HQ building, which is scheduled to be finished in 2024. 

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Free To Visit & Experience

With innovation ingrained in their DNA, Masdar City is a cutting-edge sustainable urban community, a premier business-free zone, and a technological hub. Masdar City is leading the way in developing future cities and advancing global solutions to climate change. It is driven by the UAE’s dedication to sustainability.

There are three types of flats available for rent in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. AED 70k is the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment. AED 45k is the average cost for a studio unit. Two-bedroom apartments typically rent for around AED 99k. 

The public is welcome to visit and experience Masdar City. There isn’t a fee for entry. You will not be able to drive here as per the prohibition, so park your car in the lot. Instead, ride one of the unmanned electric Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) pods to go straight to the development’s centre.

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