Actor Nakuul Mehta Surprises His Wife With A Postcard Sent From The Highest Post Office In India!

by Shreya Rathod
Actor Nakuul Mehta Surprises His Wife With A Postcard Sent From The Highest Post Office In India!

Nakuul Mehta is a familiar face for everyone who loves watching Indian daily soaps. He keeps the audience interested on social media in addition to providing on-screen entertainment. The charming actor also has an unbridled passion for travel. His passion for discovery leads him on exciting excursions to numerous locations throughout the globe. Nakuul recently visited Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh, and the highest post office in the world.

Nakuul Mehta Sent A Postcard From The Highest Post Office In India!


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Nakuul Mehta has a passion for travel and adventure. In fact, he posted a video on Instagram that featured him visiting the highest post office in India! The video started with him taking a flight, and then a car to reach there. In the caption, he stated that it took him 4 flights, 23 hours of insane driving through uncharted terrain, rocks, water bodies, valleys, and a 9 KM tunnel to reach the place.

During the journey, he changed three hotels and went from sea level to 14,650 feet above sea level. In fact, the temperature fluctuated from 33 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius in a span of 3 days!

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And that’s how he was able to send a postcard from the highest post office in India to the love of his life.

Hikkim Is The Highest Post Office In India!

hikkim post office
Credits: Wikimedia

The post office in Hikkim village is one of the highest in the world, located at an elevation of 4,400 metres (14,400 feet). Without a doubt, the post office is situated at the highest elevation in India. Small towns in this remote area are linked to the outside world by this post office and it sends and receives postal mail. It also serves as a savings bank where residents of the village can make deposits and withdrawals. To send their letters from the highest post office on Earth, travellers journey all the way to Hikkim village.

Since the beginning of the service in 1983, Rinchen Chhering has served as postmaster. The mail is delivered on foot to Kaza. Due to the amount of snowfall during the winter, this post office is closed.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Nakuul Mehta/ Instagram & Wikimedia