Maintain Safe Distance While Driving In Dubai Or Pay Dh400 Fine

by Deeplata Garde
Maintain Safe Distance While Driving In Dubai Or Pay Dh400 Fine

Swerving your automobile into another lane without utilising your side indicators is one of the fatal driver practices. Even if you’re keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. It’s critical to drive within the white markers. It’s very important to maintain safety and consideration for other drivers. If you fail to do so then face traffic fines. Abu Dhabi Police declared a Dh400 fine for this violation.

The Federal Traffic Law Of The UAE Imposes This Fine

The authority went on to say that if you swerve suddenly, you’ll get a Dh1,000 rather than a Dh400 fine. Also, expect additional four black points under Article 29 of the code. The Emirate’s police authorities released a video on its official social media accounts on February 3. That’s when the rain began to fall.

Motorists were breaking solid line lane markings. They quickly swerved from the left lane and exited to the right in the footage. This video released by Abu Dhabi Police was to remind failure in statutory lane markings can result in accidents and serious injuries.

Violations That Fall Under The Dh400 Fine

The failure to stay in designated lanes is not the only traffic infringement. There are over 20 traffic offences that could catch motorists off guard. If you don’t want to end up with a bunch of fines like a Dh400 fine, then don’t cross the line or let’s say lane.

List of few additional driving offences that will lead to a similar fine and black points

  1. Avoid crossing the road’s minimum speed restriction, if one exists.
  2. Riding Automobiles with a single plate or a vehicle plate is unclear.
  3. Failure to maintain a safe distance behind other cars and failure to check the street before entering. This offence gains you four points.
  4. Failure to utilise the indicator while changing lanes or turning the vehicle.
  5. Failure to follow the mandatory traffic lane for light vehicles.
  6. Failure to heed the traffic cop’s directions. This offence also earns you four traffic points.
  7. Going around on a foreign-issued driver’s licence, except in certain circumstances.

How To Pay For The Black Points And Traffic Fine?

For motorists, the Emirate’s police authority operates a penalty points reduction scheme. However, this provision only applies to Abu Dhabi residents. You can pay your traffic fines online using the RTA website and apps. Alternatively, you can just go to a support centre or a police station.
Avoid crossing the lane simply in order to avoid all this effort and save yourself from a Dh400 fine.