Advisory: Dubai Police Alerts Residents About Email Scam

Unveiling the deceptive tactics.

by Deeplata Garde
Advisory: Dubai Police Alerts Residents About Email Scam

In a recent revelation, Dubai Police have uncovered a series of fraudulent activities that underscore a concerning trend wherein scammers adeptly impersonate members or departments of the esteemed police force. This discovery prompts a resounding call to action, urging the public to exercise heightened vigilance and respond promptly to any solicitation for payments or personal information arriving via dubious links.

Puttin Light On the Scam Landscape

The fraudulent manoeuvres, impacting a substantial number of unsuspecting victims, revolve around malevolent actors reaching out to individuals through deceptive emails, assuming the guise of authentic law enforcement officials. This deceptive stratagem necessitates an urgent plea for caution, emphasizing the imperative of verification before engaging in any actions.

Dubai Police’s Stern Advisory

Dubai Police Department
Pic Creds: Dubai Police

In response to the escalating threat, Dubai Police issues a stern advisory, counselling individuals to exercise prudence and refrain from making payments or sharing personal information without meticulously confirming the legitimacy of the sender’s email address. The authority takes a proactive stance, furnishing residents with essential tips to validate the authenticity of communication purportedly from Dubai Police:

Verification through Clicking: Always authenticate the sender by clicking on the sender’s email.

Official Domain Confirmation: Confirm that Dubai Police exclusively communicates through the official domain,

Domain Discrepancy Alert: In cases where the sender lacks the domain, it is paramount to disregard the email and promptly report it.

Avoidance of Suspicious Links: Exercise caution by refraining from clicking on any links embedded within emails that exhibit suspicious impersonation of Dubai Police.

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Safeguarding Through Double-Checking


Underscoring the significance of thorough verification before taking any actions, Dubai Police proactively establishes a dedicated unit named ECrime to combat cybercrime and fraud effectively. Victims are strongly encouraged to report any suspicious emails, messages, or requests promptly through various channels, including reaching out to ECrime, engaging with Dubai Police’s official social media platforms, or contacting the helpline at 901.

In conclusion, the overarching message remains clear – the public is called upon to maintain a state of heightened awareness and diligently adhere to the provided guidelines. Dubai Police reaffirms its unwavering commitment to combatting cybercrime, assuring the safety and security of the resident community.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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