After A Phallus-Shaped Iceberg, Another Colossal Iceberg Passes Through Newfoundland

by Tooba Shaikh
After A Phallus-Shaped Iceberg, Another Colossal Iceberg Passes Through Newfoundland

In case you weren’t aware, Newfoundland frequently witnesses giant icebergs passing by it. A couple of months ago a phallus-shaped iceberg passed by a town that was called, and we’re not joking, Dildo. The universe saw an opportunity and showcased its sense of humour. Recently, a video went viral on social media which showed yet another iceberg passing by the island town of Newfoundland. This one, though, wasn’t phallic. Many people are viewing it as proof of climate change.

Colossal Iceberg Approaches Newfoundland

Newfoundland in Canada has frequently experienced many colossal icebergs. Recently, a video of yet another giant iceberg has gone viral on social media. The video was short, just 11 seconds long. But it managed to capture the behemoth iceberg.

Many viewed it as an omen of climate change. Owing to the rapidly deteriorating climatic conditions, icebergs at both the poles and in regions like Antarctica have been melting. This has led to a rise in sea levels. Owing to this rise in sea levels, there are many islands and coastal towns around the world that are under the threat of drowning.

Mumbai is one of the cities that will supposedly sink sometime around 2030. The appearance of this giant iceberg is viewed by many as a sign of the imminent dangers that climate change might lead to. Scientists have warned of the dire consequences but people in power have not adequately heeded the warnings.

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Phallic Iceberg Passed By A Town Called Dildo

Not too long ago, sometime around May, in a hilarious turn of events, a phallic iceberg was spotted floating around Conception Bay in Canada’s Newfoundland. The funniest part is that it was spotted by a town called Dildo! You can’t make this stuff up. As it turns out, the universe does have a sense of humour!

The area where the latest iceberg was spotted is popularly known as Iceberg Valley. And if you weren’t aware, it is the same area where the iconic ship Titanic collided with an iceberg!

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