After Emirates, Oman Air Has Launched Its Customised Iftar Meal Boxes For The Holy Month Of Ramadan

by Deeplata Garde
After Emirates, Oman Air Has Launched Its Customised Iftar Meal Boxes For The Holy Month Of Ramadan

The moon has been sighted and Ramadan has officially commenced in the Middle East. Fasting during this holy month can be challenging if you are travelling. Meeting your dietary needs during such times is crucial and can be difficult if you travel. In order to make travelling hassle-free during Ramadan, Oman Air has launched customised Iftar meal boxes.

Break Your Fast Amid The Clouds With Oman Air

Oman Air has brought back its renowned Iftar service and food boxes on a few flights this year in order to better serve passengers. The Iftar Boxes, offered in all cabin classes, have exceptional Ramadan-themed graphics and a Ramadan Mubarak logo that sends greetings to visitors.

The meal boxes have been reintroduced annually with new items added to the menu. For the last few years, Oman Air has been serving, Fresh seasonal fruit, fruit snacks, a variety of finger sandwiches, dates, traditional maamoul, vegetables, hummus, mixed nuts, and a traditional laban beverage. All these items have high nutritional value that makes them convenient and a healthy option to break the fast.

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Flexible Financing Umrah Package By Airlines

Pic Creds: Oman Air


Planning to take an Umrah trip during Ramadan? To further improve the trip experience, Oman Air Holidays has teamed up with Muzn, the Islamic banking division of the National Bank of Oman. This collaboration will provide flexible financing options for Umrah packages. The program allows visitors to customize their pilgrimage with a variety of affordable airfare, lodging, transportation, and add-on options and pay for it in monthly instalments in accordance with the Service Ijarah idea, making the long-awaited trip easier and more convenient to arrange.

Oman Air Holidays keeps expanding its network of alliances, giving our clients access to the newest offers and services. We are happy to lower the cost and increase accessibility to Umrah, one of life’s most significant pilgrimages.

The offer is open to both Omani citizens and foreigners with valid residency permits who are between the ages of 21 and 60. Family members of all ages may be incorporated in the package, and applicants may be Muzn customers or non-clients.

Cover Image Courtesy: Oman Air