After Kulhad Pizza, Eat Kulhad Momos At This Delhi Eatery Loaded With Cheese

kulhad momos delhi
by Sanjana Shenoy
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After Kulhad Chai, Kulhad Pizza arrived to tantalise your tastebuds. Served in eateries in Gujarat, Delhi and Mumbai, this unique pizza involves stuffing veggies, cheese, oregano and sauces inside a kulhad and then baking it. Voila! You get a kulhad pizza! You can devour it with a kulhad chai in hand. And if this isn’t enough, an eatery in Delhi has come up with a dish called kulhad momos. Yes! This food trend is catching up, amusing netizens along the way.

Delhi’s Rabbit Lee Cafe Serves Unique Kulhad Momos

Rabbit Lee Cafe nestled in Delhi’s Krishna Nagar is popular for serving Kulhad Pizza. And now the cafe prides itself on the latest food trend, Kulhad Momos. In a viral video uploaded by @paidaishi_foodie on Instagram, a street vendor is seen mixing masala, capsicum, corn, onion and sauces together in a bowl. He adds steamed momos to the mixture till they are completely lathered in the masala. The concoction is added to a kulhad and garnished with oodles of cheese. The kulhad is then placed in an oven for baking. That’s how you create Kulhad Momos.

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Netizens Are Amused With This Creation

Once it’s baked it’s super cheesy and hot, pretty much like a pizza. The video went viral garnering over 1.6 million views and 87,000 likes. While a few netizens found it tasty, many of them thought it was unnecessary. They critiqued the latest trend of stuffing snacks in kulhad and adding cheese on everything. Well, you’d have to try and let us know what you think about the kulhad momos! Meanwhile, if you want to have authentic momos, visit Delhi’s Game of Momos. 

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