After Maldives, Wealthy Indians Fly Off To Singapore In Search Of A Safe Haven

by Tania Tarafdar
After Maldives, Wealthy Indians Fly Off To Singapore In Search Of A Safe Haven

India has been battling a deadly outbreak of coronavirus. And while some of us have no options but to stay home arrested, super-rich Indians are jet-setting to overseas destinations like UK, UAE, and the Maldives. And now, Singapore is the new place on the blog. Rich Indians are now choosing Singapore as the world’s safest haven. Singapore was always favoured by billionaires from across the world but as the coronavirus pandemic hammered Southeast Asia, the city has become a safe harbor for the wealthiest tycoons and their families.

Singapore Has Been A Draw For Billionaires

The rich who have the choice to decide where they want to live and settle down, Singapore is the place of choice now. Many people from other countries have been seeking resident visas. Many have also become residents in the past few months. Singapore has long been a draw for wealthy Chinese, Indonesians, and Malaysians who hit the shopping plazas or play baccarat at casinos during their short trips. Singapore To Get A New Eco City That Aims To Improves People’s Health And Well-Being.

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Real-Estates Prices In Singapore Have Been On The Rise

However, the pandemic has prompted many tycoons to stay in Singapore for months and even seek residency. Besides, the mortality rates in other countries are higher than in Singapore. The demand for private offices, private golf club memberships had been soaring. Real-estates prices have been on the rise and Michelin-star restaurants were packed.

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However, the stricter border measures have caused many rich Indians to migrate to Singapore. While cases in Singapore have jumped to a few dozen a day, it is still a far cry from several hundred infections in India. Did you know Singapore has already vaccinated 30% of its population?