After Spending 25 Days Rafting In Grand Canyon, Group Returns To Find World In Pandemic

friends in grand canyon
by Gizel Menezes
by Gizel Menezes 51

Imagine going for a holiday to a remote destination with no contact with the outside world. And returning to a world that seems like an episode right out of a zombie apocalypse.

Well that’s exactly what happened to a group of friends, who spent 25 days camping on the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. When they returned from their trip, it seemed like they returned to a world turned completely upside down by the coronavirus.

Friends Spend 25 Days In Grand Canyon; Return To Find Pandemic-Stricken World

Reportedly, a group of more than a dozen rafters set out on their rafting trip on February 19. Their phones were switched off and they were all set to tune into nature and within themselves. Unfortunately, the world decided to tune out!

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