Ahmedabad’s Patang Kite Museum Houses A 16 Feet Kite

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ahmedabad’s Patang Kite Museum Houses A 16 Feet Kite

Bright, colourful kites envelop the skies of Gujarat during Uttarayan or the International Kite Festival. Since aeons families especially kids purchase the prettiest looking kites, gather their friends and head to the terrace to fly their kites and even compete to cut their opponent’s kites. Food, laughter, competition and colourful kites fill the atmosphere with joy. Well, if you’re getting nostalgic thinking about your childhood kite flying days then we have an interesting recommendation for you. Ahmedabad has India’s first kite museum known as Patang Kite Museum. It encapsulates the history, thrill and flavours of the tradition of kite flying all in one museum. The best part is that the Patang Kite Museum houses a gigantic 16 feet kite, apart from 125 other beautiful kites. 

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History of Patang Kite Museum

The Patang Kite Museum is a 66-year-old museum located in the premises of Sanskar Kendra, a city museum depicting art and culture. Bhanubhai Shah created and conceptualised this abode of kites. He donated his own antique collection of kites to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. French architect Le Corbusier designed this museum in 1954. This is one of the most unique museums in the world. 

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This museum houses unique carved kites including mirror work kites, Japanese kites and blocks print kites to name a few. It’s the only kite museum in India and the second kite museum in the world, after the Takono Museum in Japan. If you’re a kite lover you might be a child in a toy store, but if you’re not there are a variety of exquisite exhibits that will definitely fuel your imagination. Apart from this novel Kite Museum, Ahmedabad also has a unique Toilet Garden, a toilet-themed cafe. 


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Kites Displayed In Patang Kite Museum

There are numerous kites displayed in Ahmedabad’s Patang Kite Museum. From a kite made of 400 pieces of paper to kites having images of famous Indian personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, there are more than 125 kites displayed here at this museum. During the lockdown, you can visit the Patang Kite Museum from the comfort of your home. 

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One of the most iconic kites features here is the 16 feet long kite depicting Garba dance. The 16 feet kite is enormous and has an intricate illustration of Gujarat’s Garba dance. It’s indeed a sight to behold.

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Apart from the gorgeous display of kites, the museum also gives visitors insight about the history of kite making and also has beautiful illustrations of kites and kite flyers made from paper, cotton, nylon and bamboo. The history of kites starting from 200 BC when Huien Tsang flew a kite to leave the army of  Liu Pang of Han dynasty in China, in 200 BC is also displayed here. If you’re curious to visit museums across the world amid the lockdown you can do so by opting for virtual tours.  

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The museum also has information about Benjamin Franklin first flying a kite through a thunderstorm in 1752 to show the world the concept of how lightning is similar to electricity.  This museum in Ahmedabad is a lovely way to get to know the culture of the state and the fascination and tradition of kite flying, a little better. And when you’re here the 16 feet kite will definitely take your breath away.

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Address: Sankar Kender, Bhagtacharya Rd, Kocharab, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007
Timings: 10 am to 12 pm  to 4 pm  to 6 pm