Did You Know, You Can Visit These 5 Indian Museums While Sitting At Home?

by Suchismita Pal
Did You Know, You Can Visit These 5 Indian Museums While Sitting At Home?

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

Call out to all travel buffs out there. We know it’s a tough time for y’all, because the deadly pandemic now demands us to stay home. But you know what, while you are home, there’s one thing that can take you places, the INTERNET! And we’re adding quirk to your online tour by jotting down 5 profoundly intriguing, historically enriched museums of India. So, go online and relive the old-charm of these museums while snuggling with a pillow on your super comfy bed. 

1. Calico Museum of Textiles, Hyderabad

Located in the heart of the textile industry of Hyderabad, the interiors of this museum will captivate you with its mind-boggling display of textiles donned by the Mughals and the 15th to 19th-century rulers. It was established in 1949 by siblings Gautam Sarabhai and Gira Sarabhai. Presently, it is maintained by the Sarabhai Foundation. 

Picture Credits: Gozo Cabs

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2. Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

Kenned as one of the three National Museums of India, the Salar Jung Museum in Dar-ul-shifa, Hyderabad, houses a slew of rare artefacts from countries like Nepal, Burma, China, Japan, Egypt, Europe, North America and Persia. The white-marble walls, the chandeliers and the antique windows speak of sheer elegance.

Picture Credits: Wikimedia

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3. Napier Museum, Kerala

If you’ve got a heart for breathtaking bronze figurines, you need to have a sneak into the Napier Museum in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Built in the 19th century, this gothic-styled architectural masterpiece houses some bronze idols of Kathakali puppets, musical instruments, gods and goddesses, Kerala chariots and loads more. 

Picture Credits: Flickr

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4. Patang Kite Museum, Gujarat

Dwelled inside Gujarat’s iconic Sanskar Kendriya, this is the only kite museum in India, that houses more than 125 kinds of out-of-the-box kites. Think Japanese kites, mirror-work kites, embroidered kites or long kites, the Patang Kite Museum has a myriad array of them. What’s more, one can also learn about the history of kite making by taking a tour through its interiors. 

Picture Credits: Ahmedabad Tourism

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5. Indian Museum, Kolkata

Also known as the Imperial Museum, this is the ninth oldest of the world and the oldest one in India. A reason compelling enough to lure us in digging into it, ain’t so? It was founded in 1814 by a Danish botanist Nathaniel Wallich, and boasts of exceptional collections of fossils, antiques, armour, skeletons, mummies and Mughal paintings.  

Picture Credits: Wikimedia

If you want to explore all these museums, all you have to do is log in into the popular video portal. While some content creators have made the effort of showing you what lies behind the doors, others have uploaded these tours on their official channels. So, sit back and take a tour.