AI Predicts That By 2075, Most Of The World’s Population Will Choose Veganism

by Shreya Ghosh
AI Predicts That By 2075, Most Of The World’s Population Will Choose Veganism

Artificial intelligence has surely stabilised its presence among us. Be it to find an answer or for creative work, we use AI for its quick and amazing services. Recently, it has made a prediction that signifies a huge change in our lifestyle and habits in the next decades. The prediction is that a major part of the world’s population will be changing their preferences and choosing veganism by the year 2075. Let’s get to know what are the reasons behind this forecast.

Most People Globally Will Choose To Become Vegan, Predicts AI

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ChatGPT has shared some fascinating information that forecasts the major shift in people’s food consumption in the upcoming years. It stated how more and more people will be embracing veganism by the year 2075. The NPD Group has conducted research that points out the transition of people’s food choices. ChatGPT has revealed a potential timeline of this much-talked-about topic of turning vegan and this research of the NPD Group brings out the connection.

AI predicted that veganism will be dominating around the world by the year 2075, according to a report by Times Now News. More Millenials and GenZs will be shifting towards this lifestyle change slowly and becoming more concerned and aware of the consumption of meat and other non-vegetarian food items. ChatGPT forecasted that the change towards veganism will begin in 2024 with more people, especially Millennials and GenZ, becoming conscious of the impact of eating non-veg.

An analyst with The NPD Group has shared some interesting points about these predictions. Darren Seifer, the analyst and also an author of the research, revealed how eating more plant-based food items will help in making it a habit for the future. Adding more such meals to the regular diet will help in growing the habit among people and the next generations as well.

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How Does The Probable Timeline By AI Look Like?

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ChatGPT has shared an outline that emphasises the probable years of noticing the changes in people’s diet preferences and heading toward veganism. It stated how the consumption of dairy products and meat will start decreasing from 2024. Since the beginning of this turndown, GenZ and youngsters have a major role to play.

It is expected that many people will start following a new diet called the flexitarian diet by the year 2027. This diet is all about a flexible routine that includes plant-based meals and decreases the consumption of meat and dairy. It can be said that it is a way to lessen the process of eating meat so often. Once the flexitarian diet becomes famous all around the world, the massive transition to veganism will be seen by 2073.

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People are getting concerned about the harsh negative side of animal agriculture. Lots of plant-based substitutions are expected to come to the markets with more people leaving dairy and meat consumption. Looks like these products will also be affordable because of the major demand in the upcoming decades.

Do you follow veganism or enjoy eating dairy products and meat?

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