AI Reimagines Winterfell-Like Abu Dhabi And The Sight Is Truly Wondrous 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
AI Reimagines Winterfell-Like Abu Dhabi And The Sight Is Truly Wondrous 

Have you ever imagined what skyscrapers or other beautiful buildings would look like if it ever snowed in Abu Dhabi? Blissful sight! No, it’s not only what I imagined but also what I saw. As the temperature drops across the whole country, the Abu Dhabi travel guide “Visit Abu Dhabi” shared a video where AI reimagines the country in snow. The sight is truly wondrous and beyond beautiful. Have a look!

AI Reimagines Abu Dhabi In Snow

AI reimagines Abu Dhabi if the temperature across the country falls further enough for it to snow. The video posted by the Abu Dhabi travel guide ‘Visit Abu Dhabi” shows the UAE capital city in a completely different light. The beautiful city looks more stunning as it gets covered in a white snow blanket. The famous  Ferrari World and Qasr al Hosn Fort look breathtaking as they are completely covered in snow. 

The video shows us how the city would look if it snowed. It begins with a message asking everyone to rotate their cell phones for an amazing viewing experience. The first shot shows the entire city covered in snow. The best sight was the desert’s golden sand being replaced by white snow and oryx, which are desert animals, walking through the snowy desert. The palm trees look beautiful as they get covered with snow.


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Netizens Compare It To Winterfell

The city looks swept up in winter, with frozen rivers and snow-covered airport runways. As cars navigate snow-covered roadways, snowflakes dance in the wind. The last shot features the recognisable Abu Dhabi skyline as the background. The video has received over 200,000 views and 7,230 likes. One Netizen makes the comparison to Winterfell, a fictitious place from the hit television series Game of Thrones that is immersed in a never-ending winter.

The mountains of the UAE used to be covered in snow. The breathtaking Hajar mountains, which were created more than 70 million years ago, include Jebel Jais. The peak, which rises 1,934 metres above sea level, typically records temperatures that are 10°C below sea level on average. The most recent snowfall was in 2020.

AI reimagines
Pic credits: @visitabudhabi

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