Air Hostess Captures MS Dhoni Sleeping On Flight; Netizens Call It A Violation Of Privacy

by Tooba Shaikh
Air Hostess Captures MS Dhoni Sleeping On Flight; Netizens Call It A Violation Of Privacy

Celebrities are loved by all. Everywhere they go, they have a host of people waiting for just a selfie. However, in their excitement, people sometimes cross a line without really knowing. Especially when it comes to privacy, people do not think twice before violating it. Recently, an air hostess received considerable backlash from the Internet after a video of her fangirling over MS Dhoni sleeping on a flight went viral.

MS Dhoni Caught Sleeping On Flight

MS Dhoni is a beloved Indian cricket player. People have fawned over him ever since he became famous. Recently, he was travelling on a plane with his wife. He decided to take a nap, as people do on flights. However, a flight attendant, who was clearly a really huge fan of his, shot a video of him napping.

The video shows her being extremely excited about being in such close proximity to the cricket player. Dhoni’s wife is not prominently featured in the video. While the air hostess may have just wanted to have a memorable fan moment, people on the Internet didn’t take too kindly to her video.

Many people quickly pointed out that taking a video of him without his explicit consent was a breach of his privacy. The video was shared on Twitter and has now gone viral. It was posted on the microblogging website on the 29th of July.

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Sparks Debate On The Internet

Since it was first posted, the video has received more than 4.5 thousand likes and more than 102 thousand views. Many people flocked to the comment section saying that the air hostess behaved in an incredibly unprofessional manner and that she should be reprimanded.

However, there were many who said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what the flight attendant did. She was simply a fan and she decided to immortalise the moment. However, it is important to keep in mind that celebrities are constantly hounded by people for selfies and many people, without their consent, attempt to take their videos. This can be extremely upsetting since they are reduced to being props in other people’s lives.

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Cover Image Credits: @chakridhoni17/Twitter