Air India Pilot Invites Friend Into Flight’s Cockpit; DGCA Probe Is On

by Shreya Ghosh
Air India Pilot Invites Friend Into Flight’s Cockpit; DGCA Probe Is On

Another week, another Air India incident yet again! A pilot on this airline let his woman friend enter the cockpit. We all know that this front part of the flight is accessible to pilots as they control the movement of the aircraft from here. Now this pilot invited his friend inside the cockpit and also asked the crew members to serve her alcohol. This incident led to some complaints and DGCA is investigating as well. Here’s what happened on the flight that day.

Air India Pilot Landed In Trouble After Entertaining His Friend In The Cockpit

Air India
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The flight was on its way to Delhi from Dubai on 27 February. While the aircraft was in mid-air, the captain invited his friend to enter the cockpit. Not just that, he also asked the cabin crew to serve food and drinks to his friend inside the cockpit. In fact, he specifically asked the crew to make her feel welcome there. In addition to all these, the Air India pilot enquired if there was any vacant seat in the business class as he wished for an upgraded seat for his friend, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The pilot’s friend stayed inside the cockpit for more than an hour.

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Complaints have been made against the pilot of the flight. Crew members have stated all these allegations in the complaint against the Air India captain. Some crew members even added how they were not comfortable serving food to the woman inside the flight cockpit. Air India got all these complaints from the crew back on 3 March.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation Is Investigating This Incident

Inviting one’s friend inside the cockpit and asking the crew members to serve food and alcohol and make her feel comfortable is completely in violation of the rules and safety norms of DGCA. The aviation regulator has already initiated working on this incident and the probe is ongoing right now.

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An official of Air India shared with Hindustan Times that the airline has formed a committee for further investigation.

There are no further updates by DGCA on the incident yet!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons