Air India To Operate Flights To Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Germany In July 2020

Air India
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Air India has brought back many Indians stranded in different parts of the world during the lockdown as part of the Vande Bharat Mission. Now, the evacuation mission is in its fourth phase and the carrier has launched flights to Singapore, UK, Netherlands and Germany. Flights from India to Singapore and vice-versa will start operating on July 19, 2020. Flights to Europe will begin services on July 21. Bookings have started for these flights from July 13. Read on to know the details.

Air India Flights Between India And Singapore

From July 19 to July 22, Air India will operate special flights to Singapore from four major Indian cities. The routes are as follows:

  • Bengaluru to Singapore/Singapore to Bengaluru: July 19, 2020
  • Mumbai to Singapore/Singapore to Mumbai: July 20, 2020
  • Chennai to Singapore/Singapore to Chennai: July 21, 2020
  • Delhi to Singapore/Singapore to Delhi: July 22, 2020
Air India

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Air India Flights Between India And Germany

Flights from India to Frankfurt:

  • Mumbai to Frankfurt on July 21
  • Delhi to  Frankfurt on July 23

Fights from Frankfurt to India

  • Frankfurt -Mumbai-Hyderabad-Chennai on July 22
  • France-Delhi-Bangalore-Cochin on July 24

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For booking a ticket from India to Germany, you need to fill out a form and keep certain things in mind. No non-essential entry allowed into Germany for holders of Schengen Visa and of Visas of Category D (long term). Residents in the following categories are exempted from restrictions:

  • Holders of Residence permits (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and Permanent residence permits (Niederlassungserlaubnis)
  • Family Category D Reunion Visa holders
  • Holders of Long term Category D visas for employment in Health sectors and workers whose employment is economically necessary
  • Long term Category D visa holders for education purposes

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Air India Flights Between India And Netherlands

Flights from India to Amsterdam:

  • Delhi to Amsterdam on July 25
  • Mumbai to Amsterdam on July 27

Flights from Amsterdam to India:

  • Amsterdam-Delhi-Bangalore on July 26
  • Amsterdam-Mumbai-Chennai on July 28
Air India

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For booking a ticket from India to Germany, you need to register yourself in the embassy website and keep certain things in mind. The country is not allowing foreign nationals now. Residents in the following categories are permitted:

  • EU citizens, UK nationals, nationals of Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and their family members
  • Third-country nationals holding a residence card or a residence permit in accordance with Directive 2003/109/EC (LTR Directive)
  • Third-country nationals deriving their right of residence from other European Directives or from the national law of a Member State
  • Holders of a long-stay visa, including persons with a temporary residence permit
  • People providing essential services like in health workers, border workers, people in the import-export job, military personnel, diplomats, etc.
  • People with strong reasons to visit their families
  • Transit passengers travelling via the Netherlands to another third country
  • Persons in need of international protection
  • Persons committed to humanitarian reasons

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Air India Flights Between India And The United Kingdom

Flights from India to the United Kingdom:

  • Mumbai to Heathrow from July 15 to July 22 (daily)
  • Delhi to Heathrow from July 19 to July 24 (daily)

Flights from London to India

  • Heathrow -Mumbai-Bangalore on July 15
  • Heathrow -Mumbai-Ahmedabad on July 16
  • Heathrow -Mumbai on July 17-22
  • Heathrow -Mumbai – Chennai on July 18
  • Heathrow – Delhi– Amritsar on July 24
  • Heathrow – Delhi – Vijayawada on July 23
  • Heathrow – Kolkata on July 22
  • Heathrow – Goa on July 20/21
  • Heathrow – Hyderabad on July 19/22
  • Heathrow – Cochin on July 19/21
Air India

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For booking a ticket from India to Germany, you need to fill out a form and keep certain things in mind. Indians need to stay in 14-day quarantine after reaching England. There are certain countries from which Britain is allowing citizens without quarantine.

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If you know someone who is stranded in any of these countries or need to travel back to one of them, convey this piece of news right away. On that note, here’s why Vistara COO thinks that Air travel is still the safest way to travel:


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