Air India To Restart 10 Wide-Body Aircrafts By 2023

by Sanmita A
Air India To Restart 10 Wide-Body Aircrafts By 2023

Air India has made an announcement that it plans to reintroduce all its wide body air crafts into its fleet once again. As it expands itself, Air India at the moment has around 33 aircraft in its fleet. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, and some technical issue, they had to cut down the number of widebody aircrafts and bring it down from 43 to 33. Those remaining will now be reintroduced into the Air India’s fleet of widebody aircrafts once again. As per reports, the six Boeing 787-8s and three 777-300ERs are under maintenance and not running.

Air India & Its Aircrafts Currently Operating

The aircraft has different types of aircrafts under its fleet of flights. From flights that can be used for short journeys, narrow bodied aircrafts, wide bodied aircrafts and more. As per reports, the narrow bodied aircrafts belong to the Airbus 320 family. Not only has the airlines announced the restarting of wide bodied flights, but also has also expanded its network, to have flights from New Delhi to Vancouver in Canada. The flights in this route are scheduled to begin from August 31 this year.

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How Will Restarting Of Aircrafts help Airlines And Passengers?

Air India reintroducing flights will not only help the brand develop their network, but at the same time, increase movement from certain routes. As per media reports, a Birmingham MP had asked Air India to introduce direct flights from there to Amritsar. This implies that increase in the number of aircrafts will also improve the passenger demand. Air India was acquired by the Tata Group in October last year. The aircraft was previously owned by the Indian Government.

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