Air India’s Delhi-Vancouver Flight Returns To Delhi Airport After 2 Hrs In Air

by Shreya Rathod

Flights have been facing too many technical problems. A recent case happened with the Air India flight from Delhi to Vancouver. Air India is the flag carrier of India owned by Talace Private Limited. According to the reports, the flight experienced technical glitches after being in the air. Here’s what exactly happened and what the authorities have to say.

Air India’s Delhi-Vancouver Flight Experiences Technical Glitch!

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Due to a mechanical issue, Air India’s extremely long-haul Delhi-Vancouver flight made a safe return to the capital on Friday morning, that is May 26. According to a Times Of India report, a passenger claimed to have seen sparks coming from the right engine of the Boeing 777 (VT-ALM), which was flying as Al 185. Around 7.30 am, the pilots safely landed back in Delhi after dumping gasoline. The airline has confirmed that there was no bird hit.

A representative for Al stated that the Al-185 (Delhi-Vancouver) has flown back to Delhi as a result of a mechanical issue that occurred shortly after takeoff. Now, the plane has safely landed at the airport in Delhi. They apologised for the difficulty they have caused the passengers and are working to find their new transport options.

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Other Flights That Experienced The Same Issue


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A similar incident took place with Air India’s flight travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi. The flight was stranded at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport for around two hours. And the reason was a technical glitch according to a News18 report.

A mechanical issue forced the Air India Newark (US)-Delhi flight (AI106) to make an emergency landing in Stockholm, Sweden. There were around 300 passengers on board and everyone was safe. There were many fire engines stationed at the airport as the plane made an emergency landing.

In March, an AIX Connect flight travelling from Bengaluru to Lucknow faced a technical issue. There was an emergency landing at the Kempegowda International Airport 10 minutes after its takeoff.

The technical glitch cases have significantly increased and there is no specific reason why. In order to control this, there needs to be proper servicing of the aircraft just like every other machine.

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