Airports To Fine Passengers For Not Wearing Masks Properly While Travelling

by Tania Tarafdar
Airports To Fine Passengers For Not Wearing Masks Properly While Travelling

Despite the surge in cases, people have been failing to follow the basic protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is not uncommon to find people roaming around without masks and social distancing takes a back seat in public places. But violators at airports will now face police action violating and may also be fined at some places. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has directed all airport operators to explore punitive action.

Picture Credits: Airports Authority of India

Passengers Seen Flouting Rules At Airports

The DGCA stated that passengers at some airports were seen flouting the mandatory safety protocols during the routine surveillance. The aviation industry then advised airports to levy fines on people violating norms. Social distancing norms within the airport premises should be followed scrupulously. Assam & Tripura Airports To Get Stunning Makeover With Indoor Rainforests Like Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Heavy Fines To Be Imposed On Passengers Violating Rules

Passengers violating protocols despite repeated warnings will be treated as ‘Unruly Passengers’. After the rules were announced, the Delhi High Court had expressed satisfaction over the steps being taken by the DGCA. The necessary actions should be taken considering the safety of the passengers. Here Are 5 Indian Airports That Offer Covid-19 Testing For All Incoming Passengers.

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Earlier this month, the DGCA issued new rules to be followed by all passengers because of the spiking Covid-19 cases. The authority announced that passengers will be de-boarded from flights if they don’t wear masks inside the aircraft and adhere to COVID-19 protocols.