Akasa Air Gets Flying Rights To Saudi, Kuwait And Qatar; To Begin Operations This Winter

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Akasa Air Gets Flying Rights To Saudi, Kuwait And Qatar; To Begin Operations This Winter

Akasa Air has finally received flying rights for three international countries. Based on existing bilateral agreements, the government has granted Akasa Air with flying privileges for three nations—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar—to start international operations this winter. The airline would need to wait before beginning flights to Dubai, the most popular international destination for Indian travelers, as all bilateral agreements for Dubai have been exhausted.

Akasa Air Gets Flying Rights To Saudi, Kuwait And Qatar

Credits: Wikimedia commons

Akasa Air must submit an application to the government to be recognized as an airline from India. Other nations will be informed of such status once it has been provided. According to informed sources, Akasa can apply for slots at such nations’ airports after those nations approve the same in accordance with their regulations.

Akasa was asked for their opinion on this matter, and they had not provided any as of the time of publication.

As a result, it is challenging for new airlines like Akasa to launch flights or for those that already operate to increase frequency. Bilaterals with several important destinations for Indians, such as Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, and Qatar, are either completely or almost completely depleted. (As per The Times Of India)

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An Agreement Made For Specific Carriers

Between two nations, bilateral agreements are made to be used by specific carriers on each side. Countries examine an airline’s SOEC (substantial ownership and effective control) before allowing it to fly there. 

 Due to the fact that major airlines like Swiss and Austrian, which operate on bilateral routes between Switzerland and Austria, effectively share ownership and management with Germany’s Lufthansa, several European carriers are an exception globally.  This list is expanding as Lufthansa acquires stock in ITA, the Italian company that will replace the defunct Alitalia.

Currently, Akasa Air has 20 aircraft in its fleet. The company is currently making headlines due to a crippling pilot exodus, for which it sued the pilots and asked a judge to order the DGCA to take action. As long as an Indian carrier has at least 20 aircraft in its fleet and has been in operation for at least ten years, it is permitted to fly internationally under the modified 0/20 criteria. The minimum 5-year operation clause in the earlier version of the 5/20 regulation has been removed. (As per The Times Of India)

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Cover Image Courtesy: Akasaair/Instagram

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