Street Stories Ep 18: An Auto Driver Who Feeds 400 Migrant Workers Per Day

by Trishana Goswami
Street Stories Ep 18: An Auto Driver Who Feeds 400 Migrant Workers Per Day

A 30-year-old auto rickshaw driver from Pune has been feeding 400 migrant workers daily. Akshay Kothawale’s wedding was scheduled for May 25, 2020. Due to COVID 19 outbreak, he had to postpone his wedding. He observed that there were people who were struggling to make their end meets. Not just that, there were lakhs of migrant workers who were suffering due to the lack of food and loss of income. Akshay was shaken by this sight and  decided to help the underprivileged and migrant workers. Akshay spent ₹2 lakhs from his wedding fund to help these migrant workers and by providing them food and shelter.

Pune auto driver spends savings for own wedding to feed migrants ...

What Does The Basic Food Packet Comprise Of?

While the majority of the nation is finding ways to enjoy this quarantine period, Akshay drives his rickshaw daily to help the needy. He ensures that he follows the guidelines of social distancing while contributing to society in the hour of need. He has been offering free auto rides to pregnant ladies and old age people to the hospitals for their check-up. He began with setting up a small kitchen where he cooks along with his friends. The basic food packet comprises of roti, curry and a bottle of water.

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For his kind act, Akshay has received a donation of ₹6 lakhs, which he is using optimally to reach out to more people in need. He has been very dedicated to helping society from his childhood, he has also contributed towards helping people suffering from the flood that took place in Sangli, Maharastra in the year 2019.

Pune Auto Driver Spends Rs 2L from Wedding Fund to Feed 350+ Daily

Talking about his initiative, Akshay says, “It feels great spiritually as well as mentally to help the people in need during this pandemic and I believe we all should help the people in need, as we are all one big family.”

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Akshay definitely sets an example for people like us who are waiting for the opportunity to help people but are limitations overpowers are capabilities. “I would urge people to help the other people in need in whatever capacity they can,” he adds.

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This is the world we need, these are superheroes we need to endorse. We definitely need more such people to build a better future for India.