Al Ain Adventure Is Back With Rafting & Surfing In Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Adventure
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Al Ain Adventure, the Middle East’s favorite, is back in action to provide thrill seekers with some of the best experiences.After a hiatus due to the pandemic, the adventure park has now reopened. Now that it has reopened, Al Ain Adventure is offering the nation’s thrill seekers gnarly swells and white water rodeos. You can now take part in some exciting activities like rafting and surfing in Abu Dhabi. 

Rafting And Surfing At Al Ain Adventure

Though the park is reopened, it is not yet in its fully operational capacity. But the park is now open to offering amazing and thrilling experiences like kayaking, surfing, and rafting. It also allows access to its on-site wave pool. You can easily experience these activities in the Jebel Hafeet area of Al Ain. There are many packages offered for you to choose from. 

 Their expert surf packages start at Dh325 per person.Dhs290 is the price of their intermediate surfing packages, which include board rental.One of their packages includes access to Wadi Adventure, a wave pool, and rafting is available at Dhs125. The wave pool here is one of the largest in the world and is more than just a surf simulator.It allows you to ride along some fun, winding channels. 


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Wadi Adventure Will Include More Facilities

For all the rafters, the rafting instructors will help you raft through all three levels of rapids, making your experience an unforgettable one. With the longest whitewater channels in the world, your kayaking experience here is surely going to be the best. If you are someone who loves all the adventures on the high-seas, this place should surely be on your list. The reason behind this is that there are numerous fun and thrilling activities that will soon be housed by the park. 

 Professionals, like kayak experts and surfers, come to Wadi Adventure to train because the facilities here are so effective in simulating real-world events. Facilities for wakeboarding, paddle boats, bodyboarding, ziplining, paintball, airsoft combat, and other activities will be available at Wadi Adventure. A more relaxed oasis island with two jacuzzis, a pool bar, and private cabana spaces is available, along with an aerial obstacle course and adventure island.


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