Alia Bhatt Relishes Cakes & Spaghetti On Her 30th Birthday, Has A Blast With Loved Ones

by Tooba Shaikh
Alia Bhatt Relishes Cakes & Spaghetti On Her 30th Birthday, Has A Blast With Loved Ones

Turning 30 is a milestone in any person’s life. It can be an emotional and existential moment for a person and is often viewed as the actual starting point of adulthood. Yesterday, the beloved Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt celebrated her 30th birthday along with her equally if not more beloved husband, Ranbir Kapoor. It seems that Alia Bhatt’s 30th birthday bash was a quiet one with only a few loved ones at her side. And we definitely dig it!

Alia Bhatt Enjoys Turning 30 With Spaghetti


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In a series of pictures posted on her Instagram, the popular social networking website, Alia Bhatt shared a slew of images which showed that she was having blast while spending some quiet and quality time with her loved ones.

The images had a number of lip-smacking and delicious dishes. Alia, your foodie is showing! Her Instagram images revealed that she enjoyed a delicious-looking pasta dish as part of her birthday celebration and we couldn’t think of a more perfect dosh for the occasion.

One of the images looks like that of spaghetti in the aromatic and delicious Arrabiata sauce. But we can’t be sure since the dish isn’t specified. Comment below what you think the dish is!

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Cakes, Cakes, And More Cakes

A birthday without a cake is like a swimming pool without water. Birthdays are an excuse to gorge on delicious cakes of all kinds and Alia did not let the opportunity pass by. From her Instagram post, we can see that she devoured not one, but two cakes.

To be honest, we think that two cakes are one too less for completing three decades of life on this godforsaken planet. Completing three decades calls for at least three cakes. Nevertheless, we hope that Alia got to enjoy some more delicious food and cakes on her birthday. Most of all, we hope that she enjoyed lots of beautiful moments with her loved ones.

We also saw an adorable picture of Alia hugging the national heartthrob that is her husband, Ranbir Kapoor. They seem to have a marvellous time together.

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Curly Tales wishes Alia Bhatt a very happy birthday!

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