Alibaba’s FlyZoo Hotel Is The Hotel Of The Future

by Sanjana Shenoy

Have you ever imagined staying in a hotel, where you are served by robots, unlocking your room using facial recognition technology, exercising in a digital fitness centre and experiencing the best hospitality through fantastic technology? I’m sure you might have definitely imagined this. But we’re here to tell you that you can actually experience the future at Alibaba’s FlyZoo Hotel in Hangzhou, China. Yes, China’s e-commerce giant opened the FlyZoo Hotel earlier this year. This hotel is described as ‘290-room ultra-modern boutique, where technology meets hospitality’. Let’s tell you a little bit more about everything you can experience here.

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Digital Check-In

Chinese travellers can check in to this hotel using their FlyZoo Mobile App. They can book their stay, choose the floor they want, including the direction their room faces. ( Talk about Vaastu and Feng shui!) They can then go straight to their hotel rooms, with zero human interaction. On the other hand,  foreign passport holders can check in with the help of the hotel staff at the kiosk.

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Facial Recognition Technology

Here comes the best part. There might have been days when you’re worried about losing your hotel room keys or keycards, when you’re busy travelling, so at FlyZoo you don’t have a room key at all. Yes! You can just walk in empty-handed. The hotel uses facial recognition technology to access the elevators and the rooms. All you got to do, is ‘say cheese’ during the time of check-in and throughout your stay, you have to smile for the camera to get into your room or elevator. Your photo will disappear once you check out of the hotel.

Tmall Genie- Personal Smart Assistant

When you visit the hotel of the future, you would surely expect a relaxed, comfortable time. So much so, that you might even think twice to get out of the comfort of your bed, just to close the curtains. Each room at FlyZoo Hotel is equipped with a personal smart assistant, the Tmall Genie. This device will help guests to adjust the room temperature, lights, TV, music and even the curtains. Tmall Genie can tell you the Wifi Password, as well as communicate your requirements like the need for freshwater, new pillows etc. After all, who wants to keep calling the reception right?

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Robot Butler

When it comes to our favourite superhero, Batman, we know the one secret behind his heroism, his loyal butler, Alfred. Alfred Pennyworth totally set unachievable butler goals. But let’s say there might be one butler, who might give a good ‘takkar’ and that is the Robot Butler at the FlyZoo Hotel. Created at Alibaba’s Al Lab, the robot butler can deliver both food and toiletries at your room and at the hotel’s restaurant. When you use the personal assistant in your room, Tmall Genie to make a request, this is communicated to the robot butler. The robot butler will board the elevator and deliver the snacks or toiletries.

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Interactive Digital Fitness Activities

A hotel driven by technology will definitely have special digital fitness activities. You can have a fun guided workout sessions using digital experiences and interactive screens in the fitness centre here. You can burn calories, and also enter a different world of fitness all in one.

Easy Check-Out

In all the hustle-bustle of your stay at a hotel, the checkout formalities can be quite tedious. But this is the hotel of the future. So all you have to do is simply pack up and walk out of your room at the designated time. Easy right? If you have to leave before the standard check-in time, just convey this in advance using the app. The rooms will be released automatically after check out.

FlyZoo Hotel is a beautiful marriage between hospitality and technology. The technology here makes the hotel’s services easy and convenient to use. It increases the efficiency of the hotel and frees the hotel staff from routine chores. So the next time you visit China, we recommend you definitely visit Alibaba’s FlyZoo Hotel and experience the future.

Address: Ali Mall, No.8 Building, Hangzhou, China, 311121
Price:₹5000 onwards