American Blogger Makes A Mean Chicken Tikka Masala & Desis Are In Awe. Watch!

chicken tikka masala
by Shreya Ghosh 166

What impresses Desis the most? I believe nothing makes us happy as some delish delicacies cooked with lots of love and warmth. And if it is an Indian dish, it is surely the cherry on top! An American Blogger My Nguyen (myhealthydish) shared a recipe for chicken tikka masala on her Instagram account and desi foodies are so happy to see it. Take a look at the recipe and its story here!

American Blogger Cooks Chicken Tikka Masala. Watch!

My Nguyen shared a simple recipe that is easy to cook and even beginners will find it simple. You can check out the cooking video linked here.


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If you are not in India and wondering how you will find all these ingredients, well the blogger has got you covered. The best part of the video is how she substituted many ingredients to prepare this delish bowl of chicken tikka masala. She used the most quick-to-find substitutes and we are quite certain that you will get access to these ingredients everywhere. Though getting your hands on fenugreek is a bit of a concern, as she shared in this video, her advice is that you can even skip fenugreek if it is unavailable.

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Chicken tikka masala never disappoints anyone with its rich creamy texture and unbelievable flavours. But there is also another reason to choose this chicken dish over the classic butter chicken. The blogger actually prefers chicken tikka masala as it is slightly healthier.

Desis Are Loving The Video

Shared on 10 October, this video has garnered over 5.5 million views, more than 201K likes, and hundreds of comments. Netizens have poured positive appreciation in the comments section and many are excited to try it out!

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Indian Cuisine Is Dominating Globally!

Indian cuisine is finally getting the appreciation and recognition it deserves! From celebs living across borders to food bloggers, everyone is making content on such a varied spread of desi delicacies. While some are preparing and sharing the recipes with their followers, some are even making mukbang and review videos.

So when are you cooking this chicken tikka masala recipe? Or do you have some special method to cook it? Share with us in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ My Nguyen (myhealthydish)