Amidst Earthquakes, Crashes, Tsunami Alert, How Safe Is It To Travel To Japan?

Japan reported a series of major earthquakes on January 1, 2024. Is it a good idea to fly to this country amid all the unfortunate things happening?

by Shreya Ghosh
Amidst Earthquakes, Crashes, Tsunami Alert, How Safe Is It To Travel To Japan?

Is visiting Japan on your 2024 travel bucket list? This beautiful country is a spectacular destination to travel to and explore the scenic surroundings and iconic tourist attractions, relish mouth-watering cuisine, and enjoy more amazing travel experiences. Japan sees a terrific tourist footfall every year and it is likely to continue in 2024 as well. But with the earthquakes tremoring in places, is it even a good idea to board a plane to land in this country?

Japan Reported Multiple Earthquakes Recently

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Akassh (@BhoolNaJaana) shared a video of how people eating at a restaurant reacted and attempted to save themselves after an earthquake hit.

2024 could not have started in a worse way for Japan. A 7.6 magnitude jolted at the west coast of the main island of Honshu’s Ishikawa on January 1 leading to major destruction. It was not only one but a series of major tremors hitting different places on Monday. Many buildings broke down causing terrible chaos. The earthquakes split apart roads, and the death toll reached 62. The western coastal areas are seeing the harsh effects of this natural disaster with people having no option but to flee from home.

From fire at the port to causing a scary tsunami, Japan saw the worst in the last 2 days. With establishments burning around and people getting terrified of the sudden earthquakes and their terrible aftermath, the affected places are going through a horrifying time.

Here are some clips of the earthquake shared by WarMonitoreu (@WarMonitoreu).

If you are wondering about travelling to Japan and whether it is actually fine to visit Japan right now, then we have the answers for you. First of all, the primary reason influencing continuing or cancelling your Japan trip depends on the location you are about to explore. There are also more factors to follow after that. It is never the right decision to fly to the affected areas now.

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Should You Explore Tokyo Or Osaka Now?

Picture credit- Canva

The affected places on the west coast are about 300 km away from Tokyo. Though there have been no such damages or effects, the city just witnessed tremors during the earthquake. As of now, no travel advisory has mentioned anything about not visiting Tokyo for travel purposes. The same travel update is for Osaka as well. As of now, there have been no restrictions to travel to this city.

While travelling to these famous bustling cities has not been advised against as of now, your travel plans might get affected due to changes in flight schedules. All Nippon Airways cancelled 15 flights on January 1, according to a report by TimeOut. Japan Airlines also cancelled 9 flights on Monday. Noto Airport cancelled flight services on January 2.

The deadly 7.6-magnitude earthquake and many aftershocks prompted a tsunami warning. The warning was lifted on the morning of January 2.

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Before you fly to Japan in the next few days, update yourself well about any probable warning or change in flight schedule.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Project TABS (@ProjectTabs), X (formerly Twitter)/ WarMonitoreu (@WarMonitoreu) 

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