Japan: Plane With 367 Passengers Crashes At Tokyo; How Did They Manage To Save Lives In Time?

A Japan Airlines passenger flight and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft crashed on the runway of the Haneda airport.

by Shreya Ghosh
Japan: Plane With 367 Passengers Crashes At Tokyo; How Did They Manage To Save Lives In Time?

A scary unfortunate accident occurred at the Haneda airport in Tokyo on Tuesday where a passenger plane faced a collision with a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft. The sudden clash led to a horrible situation with hundreds of passengers on board and the risk of people losing their precious lives. The collision happened on the airport runway leading to the passenger plane bursting into flames. The evacuation process began right after to save people trapped in this life-threatening incident.

Japan Passenger Plane Met A Frightening Accident With 367 Passengers And 12 Crew

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, 𝐀𝐫𝐣𝐮𝐧 𝐉𝐚𝐤𝐡𝐚𝐫 (@ArjunPMO) shared some clips of the plane crash.

When the passenger flight and Coast Guard aircraft collided, there were people inside both. The Japan Airlines flight JAL-516 was carrying 367  passengers and 12 crew on board. Soon, each one of them was evacuated from the fiery environment quickly. They stepped out of the flight as quickly as possible and things took a severe wrong turn after that. The Airbus A350 completely burst into flames after the passengers were evacuated.

The small Japanese Coast Guard aircraft was carrying 6 people on board during the unfortunate plane crash. Though the pilot of this plane managed to escape, the 5 crew members lost their lives yesterday. The pilot faced injuries as well.

Tetsuo Saito, the Japanese transport minister shared some information about the accident at the Haneda airport with reporters and media. The Coast Guard plane was on its way to a place in central Japan suffering from the scary effects of the earthquake to provide aid.

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It Was A Long Evacuation Process

🐦 بونے لوگ (@JustShortMinds) shared a video of passengers escaping from the plane.

Rescuers and firefighters put in immense hard work and efforts to save hundreds of lives yesterday. It took around 6 hours to extinguish all the blazing flames and fire. Pictures and videos of the planes catching fire and fuming flames all around show how critical the evacuation process must have been. Passengers and crew members used the emergency slide to run away in about 20 minutes.

It has been a miraculous escape for the stuck passengers. They did not create chaos while sitting inside the crashed plane. Gladly, they managed to escape from the front and save their lives.

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From videos surfacing online, one fact is very evident how the passengers stayed calm even after realising that this might be the last moment of their lives. Many felt the worst fear and consequences but they stayed calm and alert. Passengers did not bother about carrying their bags in that situation. It helped to not delay the process and they were evacuated quickly and safely.

Here are some visuals and footage of the incident.

Sending our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Chota Chuha (@Chota_Chuha)

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