Grilled Crocodile Legs, Piranha Sushi & More; This Restaurant In Japan Serves The Strangest Dishes

Grilled Crocodile Legs, Piranha Sushi, Pig Penis, here’s a restaurant in Japan that actually serves these "delicacies."

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Grilled Crocodile Legs, Piranha Sushi & More; This Restaurant In Japan Serves The Strangest Dishes

Grilled Crocodile Legs, Piranha Sushi, Pig Penis, Wait, did you just say ‘Yuck’? Well, there’s a restaurant in Japan that actually serves these “delicacies.” Yes, you did read that right. This restaurant has been known for serving the strangest dishes in the world, and they keep adding new dishes whenever possible. Another dish has been added to the contentious menu, and it is grilled crocodile legs!

This Restaurant In Japan Serves Grilled Crocodile Legs

Credits: @noge_chinjuya/ X(formerly Twitter)

The menu of a Japanese restaurant that has come under fire for selling dishes that feature endangered animals, including piranha sushi and killer whales, has now added a new dish. 

This place, in Yokohama, Japan, is not for the timid or those who are fond of animals. The eatery, Chinju-ya, serves oddly titled snacks such as aged brown bear, squirrel chitatap, reindeer hot pots, and snow shark liver. The most recent inclusion? Grilled Crocodile Legs. 

Chinju-ya asserts that it is the only establishment in the nation to serve amphibian cuisine. The crocodile legs are marinated and then deep-fried. Their last inclusion was deep-fried axolotl. There are just 1,000 Mexican axolotls thought to remain in the wild, which makes them severely endangered. The eatery has provoked an uproar by spreading the news on social media and claiming to be raising the animal in captivity. One post has received over 27,300 views.

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The Chef Is Proud Of His Restaurant’s Unique Offerings

Chinjuya, which translates literally as “rare beast monger,” serves guests in Yokohama City, just south of Tokyo, dishes like fried cockroaches, whole chickens, and alligator hands. Its menu must have some of the strangest things in the world.

Chef Fukuoka, who is obviously proud of his restaurant’s more unique offerings, frequently updates its Twitter page with the newest specialties that wouldn’t appear out of place at the start of Indiana Jones’s adventure to the Temple of Doom. 

Moth larvae are compared to “French fries,” and braised pork and penis prepared with ginger and garlic are said to be “very delicious.”

And if you think that deep-fried piranha fish, boiled pig brains, and moth larvae are too exotic for Japanese eaters, think again.

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Not at All Inexpensive

After six years in operation, the restaurant in Japan appears to be drawing a lot of daring foodies. However, the distinctive eating experience is not inexpensive.

In addition, diners are advised to reserve their seats “early” in order to sample “sashimi sea lion and ginger soy sauce.” A roasted frog will cost you £62, but a deep-fried salamander would put you back a staggering £132.

The fins of endangered sharks were discovered to still be for sale in UK eateries last year. A Sunday Mirror investigation discovered the dish on menus in Liverpool, Manchester, and London just days after the government withdrew proposals from the Queen’s address that would have prohibited its distribution.

Because shark fin soup is a status symbol in some east Asian countries, like Hong Kong, a quarter of shark species are in danger of going extinct. Fishermen detach the fins from a live shark and discard them back into the water, where they suffocate on the ocean floor.  

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Cover Image Courtesy: @noge_chinjuya/X (formerly Twitter)

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