Hyderabad Ranks First With Highest Number Of Food Adulteration Cases In India As Per NCRB

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hyderabad Ranks First With Highest Number Of Food Adulteration Cases In India As Per NCRB

Adulteration is a more serious problem than what it looks like to many people. Nothing can be as dangerous as adulterated food for the human body. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) revealed data showing Hyderabad’s top ranking in the nation for food adulteration cases. Andhra Pradesh is in close second place, after Telangana. A total of 19 major Indian cities reported 291 cases of adulterated food in 2022.

Hyderabad Has Highest No. Of Food Adulteration Cases

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Interestingly, 246 of these cases—a startling number—were reported in Hyderabad alone, indicating a worrying trend in the city’s food safety. The local police in the three Commissionerates of Hyderabad, Rachakonda, and Cyberabad have taken a proactive stance against food adulteration and have made a number of noteworthy seizures.

Ice creams, tea powder, and contaminated finger garlic paste are among the seized goods. These cases have been properly registered for additional inquiry by the authorities, who are treating them with seriousness.

Food adulteration is a serious issue that poses significant health hazards to the general public. Foodborne infections, allergies, and even death can result from consuming contaminated food products. Nonetheless, the data indicates that while there are accused, no kids involved in the cases or employed in the adulteration units in the designated locations are among the offences. (As per The Indian Express)

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Stringent Measures For Prevention

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The NCRB data emphasises the need for nationwide enforcement of stringent measures to prevent food adulteration.

There have been instances and raids in the city lately, such as at the Alpha Hotel, where two people became ill after eating at the restaurant. During additional raids, a variety of regularly used food items that were contaminated were seized.

According to authorities acquainted with the situation, India’s food regulator intends to take tough measures against adulteration and is seeking to tighten laws and enhance public awareness as the percentage of processed food in people’s diets rises. 

Over time, eating patterns have evolved. According to a government official, the food business has seen the introduction of several new food items and additives, along with the use of modern technology. 

As a result, our regulatory criteria need to be updated. In an effort to curb the issue of food adulteration, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently begun carrying out surprise inspections around the nation.

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How To Differentiate 

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On their official Twitter account, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, or FSSAI, has posted an educational video. The film provides viewers with a method to spot mustard seed adulteration and argemone seed adulteration.

The person in the video requests that viewers place a small amount of mustard seeds on a glass plate. It is now necessary to examine the seeds closely with a magnifying glass. It’s important to look for any rough surfaces or gritty black seeds when analysing the seeds. 

The outside of the seeds—which are actually mustard seeds—will be smooth. The ones containing argemone seed adulteration will have a rough exterior. 

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