An Exotic Stay At Marmalade Springs In Wayanad

by Mrunal Mahajan
An Exotic Stay At Marmalade Springs In Wayanad

Marmalade Springs is a boutique resort on the 2nd highest peak of Wayanad and is spread wide across 30 acres of a coffee plantation. Wayanad is a district in Kerala that is covered with hills and is home to some of the oldest tribes.
Marmalade Springs gives a serene experience and the hills and tribal traditions keep the ethnicity of Kerala intact. The guests can interact with these tribals firsthand and enjoy a night of traditional dance and food.

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What Is It?
It is an exotic stay with all the amenities right in the resort. They have the most beautiful rooms with lush greenery and tall trees surrounding the entire resort. This coffee plantation is a comfortable stay with a beautiful view of hills and the entire beauty that Wayanda is.

The rooms are furnished with the best furniture and the view outside the window is very peaceful That is exactly what you need when you are on a vacation.

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Kerala is god’s own country and with out a doubt Marmalade springs is doing justice to the phrase. It is situated between all the greenery and this coffee plantation is tucked in like a baby inside it! Don’t believe me? See for your self!

Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

What More?
Marmalade Spring has a stream of waterfall where you can enjoy with your family and its a good place to play for kids and adults or just sit around appreciating the beauty. It also has a small pond that has duck floating around where one can sit fishing or reading books!

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Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

Later in the night when it gets chilly, the resort staff lights a born fire and the tribal people entertain guests with the traditional dance and give a feel of authentic Kerala.

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Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

What Else?
This resort has many amenities like an adventure trek to the nearest cave and other activities like hiking, biking, safari, bamboo rafting and various rope activities.

Fishing, bird watching and a small trek to the stream can be a good activity for the adrenaline junkies. The resort staff can also arrange barbeque and camp fire dinner for their guests.

The villas are arranged beautifully and the walk around the plantation will let you experience the chirping of some exotic birds!

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Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

They also have a huge swimming pool inside the resort and along side it also has a play area for children. It is a perfect amalgamation of activities which will make the stay very peaceful.

Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

The activities outside the resort are suggested by the staff and transportation services can also be arranged for the guests. This is one of the best stays in Kerala if you want to experience the best and nothing less than that!

Image Credits: Marmalade Springs

I would not think twice before staying at this beautiful coffee plantation!