Anand Mahindra Shares Vid Of Modern Train Journey; Says Unnecessary Objects Add Trash On Planet

by Shreya Ghosh
Anand Mahindra Shares Vid Of Modern Train Journey; Says Unnecessary Objects Add Trash On Planet

Every time we are scrolling through various social media platforms, we come across so many different types of content. Pictures and videos on several areas and niches are found on the Internet. Most people love to see videos on aesthetic lifestyle and short vlogs and I am a fan of such videos as well. But do all of these videos make sense in real life? Is it possible to live that life in our day-to-day life? Anand Mahindra recently shared a video showing the modern-day train journey of a woman and he also talked about his views on the excesses of modern life.

Anand Mahindra Uploads A Video About A Modern Day Train Ride

The Chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra took to his official Twitter account to share this video that shows a woman travelling on a train and how she uses loads of travel products during her train journey.

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Anand Mahindra shared in the caption of the tweet that this video is displaying the comfort of a modern-day train journey. As we can see in the video, the woman passenger uses so many different products to make her trip enjoyable and luxurious. From cleaning space to sanitising everything, she is using so many unique products in this video. Her trolley is very different too as we can see her cycling on it. She begins the journey by arranging her belongings and then starts using a myriad of travel products to sanitise the space. The woman also carries cute earplugs, an eye mask, and a lot more. To know how she makes her journey the most luxurious, you surely need to check the video.

The Mahindra Group Chairman Finds This Video Depressing!!!

Anand Mahindra shared his views and opinions on this kind of train journey. Using tons of travel products to make the trip luxurious is not always a good idea as these unnecessary products are a major reason behind the increase of heaps of trash all around us. The woman uses so many objects in the video and I think that all these products are not a necessary part of a train trip. In fact, Anand Mahindra also added how he has never seen something more depressing.

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Will you like to enjoy such a train journey?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Anand Mahindra