Anand Mahindra Approves This Day Care Centre For Husbands When Wives Go Shopping In Copenhagen

by Shreya Rathod
Anand Mahindra Approves This Day Care Centre For Husbands When Wives Go Shopping In Copenhagen

The rule of nature states that change is constant! And for that, innovation is mandatory. According to the dictionary, innovation can be defined as anything that is a new idea or method or device. And you will find one such innovation at the Green Towers Copenhagen! Apparently, they have a ‘Husband Day Care Centre’ where you can leave your husband while you are busy shopping.

Green Towers Copenhagen Has A Husband Day Care Centre!

Anand Mahindra, an Indian billionaire, shared a tweet with a pic of the ‘Husband Day Care Centre’ at the Green Towers Copenhagen. The aim of setting up such a daycare centre was to give wives a relaxing time. In fact, the board states that if wives need to relax, have time for themselves or need to go shopping, they can leave their husbands at the centre. Moreover, the husbands will be taken care of and wives only have to pay for their drinks!

This pic was captioned as ‘Innovation doesn’t mean creating new products, but repackaging the existing one for totally different use!’ And Anand Mahindra cannot be more right! However, Netizens feel like there is no need for this kind of centre. Instead of that, they can just sit at home or in a cafe.

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What’s Unique About The Towers?

Credits: Green Towers Copenhagen/ Website

The name “Green Towers” alludes to a green and sustainable approach as well as the lovely copper green roof of the tower. The earliest telephone booths in Denmark were the magic towers, which were constructed at the end of the 19th century. The towers, which can be found across Copenhagen, were first constructed to house the first payphones.

The purpose was to allow you to pay the phone woman to go into the tower and borrow a phone. As an alternative, you could leave a message at the kiosk and the operator would dispatch a bike courier to deliver it to the intended recipient.

Newspapers, periodicals, and advertising slots have been sold at telephone kiosks over time. Today a nice cafe oasis with outdoor seating has been created in the tower on Nytorv.

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Both locals and visitors can indulge in delicious drinks including coffee, cool beer, wine, and other beverages here. The ambience is casual and cosy as can be.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & Green Towers Copenhagen/ Website