Angry Food Delivery Boy Hits The Eatery Staff. Video Goes Viral!

by Shreya Ghosh
Angry Food Delivery Boy Hits The Eatery Staff. Video Goes Viral!

A very recent incident about a food delivery agent will shock you! Most of the time we hear about their struggles to do their job and how they give their everything to deliver our orders at any point of the day. But this incident comes as a surprise for everyone. A delivery boy was seen hitting a female staff of an eatery and the clip of this shocking scenario is now getting viral on social media. So what really happened that the food delivery attacked the staff? Let’s find out the truth behind it.

The Eatery Shared All About The Incident

Fumi Honey House is the place where this incident took place. It is an eatery in Simpang Ampat in Malaysia’s Penang. The Facebook page of this eatery has shared the video and you can take a look at the clip here.

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Fumi Honey House shared in the caption of the video that the first food delivery rider was late for about half an hour so the staff updated Foodpanda about it. Later, a new rider visited the eatery to pick up the delivery. The first rider visited the eatery after a long time of about 45 minutes and he was angry to find out that some other guy took his delivery instead.

Though there are no rules about where someone can replace the food delivery agent, the staff did it as they feared that the customer may get frustrated and complain about it.

Everything Got Recorded In The CCTV

The CCTV camera of Fumi Honey House captured this fearful incident when the food delivery guy hit the staff. This occurred on 29 March 2023 at around 4:02 PM as shown in the CCTV footage.

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As recorded in the video, it can be seen there were two food delivery agents at the eatery. One was wearing a Foodpanda uniform, the other was wearing a colourful t-shirt with a blue helmet. They were talking, mostly arguing, with the staff. While they were continuing the conversation, the guy with the helmet threw something at the staff standing behind the counter. While the agreement started heating up, he once again attacked and hit her with a menu.

What do you think about this situation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Fumi Honey House